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Listen to Your Sounds

Do you ever listen to the sounds that you make? Do you ever study the impact of how the sounds you make impacts the environment around you? Whether it is the words you speak, the steps you take, the coughs you coughs, the sneezes you sneeze, anything… Do you ever listen to the sounds you create?
The fact is, most people do not. They simply pass through their life creating all this reverberating havoc and they never pay attention to any noises they make. But, here’s the truth, the sounds you make affects other people. Do you ever consider this before you make a sound.
Certainly, on the most obvious of levels, there are those people who are loud and rude in their speech. Their talking invades the environment of all who may encounter them. They are loud in their apartments, loud in a restaurant, loud in a museum, disruptive of any environment they enter via the words that they speak and the volume they express them.
From a psychological perspective, people who behave in this manner do so from a level of consciousness based upon insecurity. They desire to be heard. The wish to be seen. So, they must forcefully draw other people’s attention to themselves. Of course, they do this with no level of awareness as to what they are doing. They just do it.
This is the same with people who walk loudly. They stomp their way across any environment they enter. What they are unconsciously doing is saying, “Here, look at me.” This is the same with people who slam doors behind them.  They live their life from a very unconscious level of seeking the acknowledgment of others, while possessing no sense of true self-awareness.
The sounds you make are your signature to the world. They are what defines you. What signature do you leave?
If we take this understanding another step further, we can see that the sounds you make are a direct reflection of who you truly are. They are what exhibits your being onto the world. By understanding this, this is a means to take control over the sounds you make and how you wish to be viewed and understood by those outside of yourself. In fact, you can and should make the sounds you make your meditation. This is a very pure and direct form of meditation. All you have to do is to listen. But, will you? Can you take control over your physical actions and make them a true representation of the inner-you and create a person that enhances the betterment of the world with every sound you make?
The very simple technique of this meditation is to just listen. What sounds are you making right now? What sounds did you make to get you to this space where you find yourself in right now? What sounds will you make next?
The fact is, you can control the sounds you make.
How do you want the sounds you make to represent you to the world? From now on, make that your mantra. Be acutely aware of the sounds you make. Control the sounds you make. Make the sounds you make, make everyone’s world a better place.