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Distracted by Deception

Have you ever noticed that when you lie to someone, when you deceive them, all of your life, in regard to that relationship, becomes complicated? The thing is, and the reason most people lie and/or deceive another person is that they do not think about this. Even if they have told a lie or unleashed some level of deceit against someone in the past, and suffered the consequences, they put all of that out of their mind, thinking that it will not happen again.

The thing about life is, the moment you instigate some level of dishonesty, all of your life becomes complicated in regards to the person you have deceived. Why? Because you must back up the lie. You must continue the lie. You must find a method to establish the foundations for the lie. With all of this comes complications, anxiety, and fear that the truth will be reveled.

Some people don’t care about the truth. They live their whole life based upon a lie. They find methods to foundationally substantiate their lie. Others, tell lies all the time. Even though the may be caught time after time, the foundational construction of their being is that they are a liar. Thus, they are a compulsive liar. Not good. But, that is their reality. But, a person like this can never be trusted. From this, their entire life becomes defined by the lies they tell leading to a world of people who know that they are not a person living within the realms of truth and that all they say is most probably false.

Some people love to hear the lies of others. They wish to believe them. Why? Because that other person’s lie is better than any truth that they are living. It is like a movie on the screen; false but an illusive reality that draws the viewer in.

The thing about deceiving someone, no matter what your logic or reasoning, is that what you speak is not the truth. Thus, what actually is the truth must remain hidden. From this, you are cast to a pattern of doing all you can to hide the truth from that individual or individuals that you lied to. Thus, this deception becomes the primary thought whenever you are around that person or persons. What occurs from this is a life defined by the anxiety you will (or at least should) always feel and a fear that the truth will come out. Then what? Then, you will either need to formulate another lie to justify your previous lie or come clean and from this that person you lied to may never forgive you or believe you again.

Think about a lie you have told. Think about how complicated it made your life. Maybe you got away with it and from this you told another and another and another lie. But, the fact always is, a lie is never the truth and even if no one ever find out that you told that lie, that you deceived them—what you said, leading to what you did, is still a deception, it is/it was not based upon the truth of the truth.

From a lie all you are left with is a lie. A lair always encounters other liars, as that is the type of person they attract.

Do you like to be lied to? Probably not. Thus, the simple answer to a lair is, do not lie. Tell the truth. From this, not only will your life become so much less complicated but also you will be trusted. And, isn’t that one of the best things that you can be?