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Fuck You Pig

So… I was going over to this one shop I like off of Pacific Coast Highway today. As I was driving up I noticed that there was a cop talking to someone who has set up a tent right in the middle of the sidewalk on the side street that runs along the side of the shop. I parked in their parking lot, that’s behind the store, and was headed for the front door of the shop. I had no choice but to pass by the cop, a person kneeled down next to the tent, and, as I later realized, there was someone inside of the tent.

As I got closer I could hear this girl yelling, “Fuck you, Pig! Fuck you, Pig,” from inside of the tent. Obviously, the cop was asking this couple to leave.

Now, there’s a lot of levels to this tale. I mean, I don’t know… I don’t think it would be that comfortable sitting on the cement inside of a tent. I mean, there’s no padding or anything like that. Plus, why would you want to be just off of a busy street like PCH? I would think setting up your camp in a park or something like that would be way better.

Here in L.A., and I am sure in a lot of other cities, the homeless problem has really gotten out of control. I mean, there are encampments all over the place. And, they are dirty. You know the old saying, “Never shit in your own back yard?” But, that is exactly what they do. I have known and/or witnessed a few business owners who have really been hurt by the homeless moving in—especially in this time of the pandemic.

There has been a lot of upheaval in recent months. Some cities, like L.A., have actually decreased the budget of the police department massively. The Powers That Be recently cut their budget by one hundred and fifty-million dollars. From my point of view, this is not a good idea as the world is going crazy and you need the police to keep order.

The other part of the issue is that there is so much scrutiny now being placed on police officers that they can’t do their job. I mean, back in my day, if I had been screaming, “Fuck you, Pig,” to the face of a police officers I would have gotten a baton smacked up side my head.

Anyway, so I went in the shop and when I came back out, I noticed the tent was still there. They male part of the couple was now sitting behind it smoking a cigarette. Between the tent and him I literally had to walk out in the street to get around them. They had completely taken over the sidewalk. I noticed the girl who was inside the tent was now sketching in a notebook. The cop, long gone. So, I don’t know what he did or did not do or what he told them to do? What I do know is that there is now a tent in the middle of the sidewalk just off of Pacific Coast Highway.

The world right now is really messed up. Cops are not being allowed to do their job. I get it… The world is changing… People are attempting to invoke a cultural change. But, without order what do we have? We have anarchy. But, anarchy is not a good thing. Look at all the recent riots. What has occurred from them? Damage, loss, and pain. Even look at the off the grid communities that people have attempted to set up in cities like Portland; what occurred? Damage, injury, and violence again other people. Recently, they have been closing the CVS stores in San Francisco. A few weeks ago I saw on the news how homeless people were just walking into the stores and taking whatever they wanted. They did this with the news cameras on them and they did not even care because they knew the law would do nothing. If you don’t have order, what do you have? If you don’t have order and respect for other people what you have is homeless people deciding that they can plant their tent anywhere they want and all of the rest of us be damned. We can walk out in the street if we want to get around them.

Selfishness and uncaringness towards other people is never the pathway towards anything good or better.