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You Can’t Handle the Truth

As a longstanding fan of thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, and the like, (you never know what type of cultural memorabilia you may find). But, more than that, I always find it interesting to study the cultural trends when I am at one of those locations. I mean, you can observe what direction the culture is traveling by what people are disposing of.
Even more than that, you can witness how a specific person, (as unknown as that person may be), has evolved out of their one-time lifestyle or maybe they just passed away. Every now and then you can notice, if you look for such things, things like a large number of suits or sport coats, all of the same size and style, at a thrift store. Or maybe a large collection of the same style and size of shirts. Sometime you may notice a collection of snow globes. Or an assortment of logo-ed plates, cups, or drinking glasses from across the U.S. Maybe you will see a very specific collection of books on a similar subject, or LPs, or CDs, or DVDs, or cassettes, or even video tapes, and stuff like that.
I find studying the subtitles of life, hidden within then obvious, very revealing. How about you, do you ever do that?
As you may know, I am a bit of a bibliophile. Once upon a time, back in my twenties and into my early thirties, I bought and kept all of these books. I had a very large, very vast library. I don’t know, I guess it was all based in my messed-up childhood and constantly moving and having to get rid of my stuff—the stuff I cared about so often, that I became a bit of a hoarder. For me, that hoarding mindset was focused on books. Somewhere along the way, however, I caught myself, and moved much of that library along. Now, these days, every couple of years or so I move many of the, not-that-important to me, books away from my life. Mostly, I give them to this local library that has a vast book selling area in their parking structure. It’s really very good there. They offer a lot of books. In my giving, and in their selling, I hope to contribute to not only the library but to the reading minds of those who seek out such knowledge.
Anyway, I hadn’t been there for a while. I was driving by and the thought came to me to check out what’s on the shelves. I popped in. I actually found a hardcover first edition copy of the autobiography by Elvis Costello, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink. I always meant to read that book.  I guess now’s my chance.  
But, that’s not the point to all of this. While there, I looked over in their religious section and I noticed that they had tons of books I had donated about year ago on Buddhism and the like. I mean, there they were. Looking at them, on one hand, it made me smile. I thought to myself, “Yeah, I would totally read all those books.” But hey, I already did. On the other hand, I realized, think about it, those books have been there for all of this time and no one picked them up. I mean, they only sell their books for like a dollar or two at this library book shop. That’s cheap! Plus, some of those books are very rare. Still, all this time has gone by and no one wanted to read them. No one cares.
I don’t know why, but it kind of made me think about the movie, A Few Good Men. You know, where Jack Nicholson’s character says that great line, “You can’t handle the truth!”  Of course, in that film, it was a very self-motivated response to a question asked by Tom Cruise’s character, but here’s the thing, no one wants to know the truth. People don’t want to dig deep and to understand the true meaning of life. At least, very few people do.
I mean, there are all of these ways for a person to do that: to gain knowledge and to grow. Certainly, reading is one of the most obvious. But, no one cares to do it.
I believe this should really set us to thinking, I know it did to me. Who really wants to transverse down deep into the true realms of reality and to find out the truth?  Do you?