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Autobiography of a Lie

Who are you? Are you the person who you tell the world you are or are you the inner being inside your human form that thinks, that feels, the exists, that translated reality via your own definition? And, do you know who you truly are?

Most people are lost in the projection of who they want themselves to be seen as by the external world. They want to be viewed as a something—they want whom they are (Their Projected Self) to be seen as that thing. From this, a world of deception is given birth to.

Think about the people you have known. Think about the people you have read or have heard about. Who are they and why do you think they are what they are? In almost all cases the reason you believe you know who they are is because someone has told you. Either they personally told you what they think, how they feel, what they like, what they don’t like or someone else has talked about them; explaining to you who and what they are. But, in all of these cases, how do you know if what they are saying is true?

Think about the last time you told a lie. Why did you tell it? Moreover, did you even question yourself on the deep realms of your self-consciousness why you were about to lie or did the lie simply come from your lips with no internal conversation about how what you were doing was wrong?

Most people who lie never possess the inner level of refined consciousness to question their action. They just do it. They just lie. Why do they lie? The answer to that question could be explained via various methods of logic and an untold number of reasonings but it will almost never be truly understood by the person who is telling you the lie. Why? Because they do not possess the inner honesty to truly delve deeply into their self, know their self, analyze their self, and be able to present an honest conclusion.

Think about the people you have known who have lied to you. These lies may have been small or they may have been very large; but you were told something about someone, you believed it, and then it turned out to be a fabrication. Then what? How did that lie change your understanding of that individual and how did it cause you to react to them? …How did you react to them before you knew they lied and how did you react to them after?

Most people when they are caught in a lie, lie to cover up the fact that they have lied. Some people are pathologic liars. They lie about anything/everything and they do it while looking you directly in your eyes. They are so lost into being a liar that they cannot or do not care about the negative impact their lies may have on the life of other people. It is their drug. A lair is who they are.

All this being said, think about the people you know, think about the people you have heard about, think about the people you think about, ponder how much you know about them is based in a reality that you have lived with them (The Truth) and how much of it is based simply upon what they told you about themselves or what you have heard about them from someone else. Think about if all you believe about is a person is a lie, then what? Think about if one small thing you believe about a person is a lie, then what? Think about the lies you have told other people about yourself (large or small), now what?

You initially know a person by the autobiography they present to you. Yes, over time you develop experiences that you have lived with them, but what are those experiences initially based upon? They are based upon what you believe a person to be. What if what you believe them to be is not who they truly are at all? What if they have lied? Then what?