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Speed Kills But Who Cares?

I live in this community that is situated up on top of a hill. As it is on a hill, anytime you leave, via the very few streets that take you away from this area, you are going to go down a hill. Sometimes people travel vey fast down these streets. In fact, just last month, Tiger Woods crashed his SUV driving down a street I transverse virtually everyday.

As I often say, even very recently in this blog, you can learn a lot about a person and about humanity in general by witnessing the way people drive.

In any case, I was leaving the hill today. I was en route to pick up a new battery for my motorcycle. As I was going down hill, via this one street—not the one Tiger crashed on but the road just one street over, this shinny new black SUV jams by.

This is a two-lane street that is quite steep. Steeper than the one Tiger crashed on. Two cars were going neck-and-neck, blocking anyone from passing. Though I hate it when people do this, I generally sit back until one car goes faster or slower and I can get by. This SUV, on the other hand, jammed past, to the right of the car in the slow lane. I kinda don’t know how he did it, as this is not a wide street, but he made it.

My thought was, I’d never seen that before.

As I drove father down the hill, I began to see a bunch of smoke, then I started to smell the scent of burning brakes. I looked around, and just up ahead, I saw the SUV at a dead stop in the slow lane. Stupidly, this lady up in front of me, comes to a complete stop right next to the SUV in the fast lane. I wasn’t going that fast and could stop but I honked at her to get out of the way because, as mentioned, a lot of people drive down these hills very fast. She pulled out of the way.

I looked over at the SUV, the driver was apparently going too fast and couldn’t make the turn. He had smashed into the cement dividing wall, eventually ending up over in the slow lane with the car all jacked up and all of the airbags deployed. All I saw were the airbags but no person.

Me, I drove on…

You know, life is a lot like this… Some people want to be somewhere and they want to be there fast. But, many don’t make it and they crash along the way. Some people do what they do, as hastily as possible, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process. In this case, as in Tiger’s case, it was just the driver who got hurt. I’m assuming there was only one person in the SUV but I don’t really know. The thing is, though other people didn’t get hurt, at least not obviously, in these two cases, this is not always the case. Think how many people crash their cars into other people due to impatience or a need for speed. It has happened to me. Has it happened to you?

They say, patience is a virtue. I agree. I also agree that sometimes it isn’t that simple. Sometimes you’ve got a place you need to be.

I remember, way back in the way back when, I had this girlfriend living in an apartment by Santa Monica beach and I had a place in Hollywood. She called me up one night all freaked out that there had been this purv peeking in through her window. I got on my bike (motorcycle), knowing it would be the fastest, and jammed the thirty miles. I was popping stop signs, stoplights, fully adrenalized hoping she would be okay and ready to kick some guys ass. Luckily, I made it there safely and she was okay. I took her back to my place with me. But then, me, I had the motivation to speed. It was the right thing that I believed I must do. As stated, luckily I made it okay, but what if I had not. Then what? And, this is the thing, we all have motivations for doing what we do; some are very altruistic. But, if we hurt others in our doing, if we hurt ourselves, then what? What will anything have meant?

So, when you do what you do, think about what you are doing. Because in all life events there are more people than just you who are involved. Sometimes even the people you don’t know and will never know may become involved.

Always keep in mind; no life is alone and separately isolated solely onto itself. Whatever you do affects the someone else, even if that someone else is a person you will never meet.

Remember, speed kills.