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At the heart of an easy, well-lived life, is simplicity.
People always question when they are going through some life trauma, “What got me here?” They may even blame others for their predicament. At the root of all life complications is having lived a life not based upon simplicity.
The more you bring into your life, the more complicated your life becomes.
Many people define their life by what they own, who they know, and how they present themselves to the world. Though these things seem to be at the core of human nature, all of these things take one away from simplicity. Thus, life complications are born.
In a mechanical world, there are mechanical problems. It is as simple as that. The more you do, the more you must undo. For everything you buy, there is a price to be paid. For every outward image you attempt to project, there is something that must be put into that assembly. All things that are not simple, lead you away from peace.
People will argue about what they believe they want or need and why they must have it to the end. But, each of these people live an unfulfilled life that is not defined by peace.

The more you own, the larger the space you must find to house those possessions. But, if you let go, just think about it, wouldn’t everything be easier? In ease, there is peace.
Embracing simplicity is not hard. If fact, it is the easiest of all life activities. Just let go of all those outside wants and you are free.
Try it. You may find an entirely new reality where you can simple live in a state of unencumbered tranquility.