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External Influences

We are all affected by external influences. There are those influences that are close to us, be they family, friends, and the why and the way of where we live and how. Those are the obvious ones. Then, there is the society and the all of that kind of stuff: the places we choose to place ourselves within that wide spanning spectrum. Finally, and perhaps mostly, there are all of those people who come at us and force their way into our lives. We don’t really want them there, but they come at us and our life, nonetheless. From this, and from those, we are forced to do—do what we may not want to do. Yet, we must deal with what they have brought into our life, even though we never asked for it and never want to know that person in the first place.
Who are you on the spectrum of life? Are you one of the people dealing with those who have entered your realm of existence when you did not need or want them to? Or, are you one of the people who tries to force your way into the life of someone else? If you are one of those people, do you ever question before you make contact with that person, do they want you to make contact? If you don’t, all you are is a self-thinking individual who considers only themselves, as truly, does anyone who does not want you there, want you in their life? Answer: No.
The problem with most life situations is someone comes into the life of someone else but the person who is doing the coming never contemplates, does that person want me there? As they only think of themselves, they only think of themselves. As their self is the only one who is thought of, the other person is never taken into consideration.
The problem with this style of life behavior is that, as the life-invader thinks that are the only one that is right in any given situation, they then become angered when they are rejected. But, the person didn’t want you in their life in the first place. Who is at fault?
The true person, the good person, the real person, never tries to enter the life of anyone else unless there is an agreed upon mutual desire and equal benefit to both the people involved. If they want you there, they invite you in. You knocking on their door only creates a situation that they do not wish to encounter.
Have you ever had a religious fanatic or a salesman come knocking at your door? You’re doing what you’re doing, and they are interrupting that doing. How is you contacting someone who does not wish to be contacted, no manner what your logic or reasoning, any different? You weren’t there before, and all was fine with that other person’s life. You come a knocking and at best they are annoyed, at worse their life is negatively affected. But, you did it! You made a choice to force your way into their life. How is anything right about any of that?
Don’t knock on the door of someone who does not want you in their life. Don’t believe you have something to offer them because if you did, they would be contacting you. In other words, leave people alone, you have nothing to offer any of them.