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Is This Your Awake Day?

For anyone who has ever had a cat as a life-partner. …I don’t really like to use the word, “Pet,” as that has so many connotations of dominance and ownership that aren’t really true. …At least not true for anyone who actually loves and respects those who live with them.

Anyway back to the subject… For anyone who has ever had a cat in their life. And, I guess I must preface this with stating an, “Indoor Cat.” …Don’t let your cats roam outside people, all they do is get into trouble and live a much shorter life.

Again, back to the point… For anyone who has ever lived with a cat you know that they sleep a lot. Most days they spend a good percentage of it asleep. That’s just who they are. But then, about once a week, they have their, “Awake Day.” A day when, yes, they may nap a bit, but they are awake and doing what they do for most of that day.

I guess you have to be a cat psychologist/veterinarian or something like that to actually know why this is. But, that is how they are. They have an Awake Day.

How about you? How often do you have an Awake Day? How much of your time to you spend sleeping in a dream-state and how much of your time are you Wholly Present?

There is no right or wrong answer for this. …To each their own and all that… But, think about it, how much of your time, per day, do you spend expanding your consciousness, taking it
all in: viewing, studying, witnessing, growing and evolving?

For most, I think, they never even think about this. They just live their life to whatever degree they live their life; doing whatever it is they do. But, actually contemplate this, what if you became Hyper Aware all of the time, think how much more of the All and the Everything you would/could understand.

There’s no real technique to make this happen. You simply have to make a choice. Do you want to make that choice? Do you want to become Super Awake? If you want to, you can. Then, the sky’s the limit. Who knows what you will discover.

Wake up! Make this your Awake Day.