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When You Hurt Someone

When you hurt someone, you hurt someone, and that is the end of the story. Many people falsely believe that they have the right to hurt someone. Maybe they feel that person said something or did something and they deserve to be hurt for it. But, think about it, who has the right to hurt anyone—especially if that person did nothing directly to the person who is unleashing the pain?

Ever since we entered this era of Cancel Culture, everyone is being called out for everything. Somebody didn’t like what someone else said or did and BAM let’s go after them! But, what happens from this style of behavior? Does the person doing the attacking ever think about this? Most likely, no. They just attacked. But, what becomes the consequences of that action? What happens next is that someone gets hurt. Then what? Answer: A whole ton of bad karma is created.

Here’s the facts, just because you think you have the right to speak out against someone does not mean that there will not be consequences. And, I am not speaking about someone counterattacking you, though that may very well come to pass. What I am speaking about is that by hurting anyone, you have set a whole plethora of bad energy into motion.

Keep in mind, just because you believe your are right, does not mean that you are right. Just because you believe that someone else is wrong, does not mean that they are wrong. Hate speech is never free speech.

I talk about this all the time but people throw shots at other people anonymously, via some screen name, on the internet. Why? Because they feel there will be no repercussions. But, is life truly that simple?

Maybe they don’t like what that person stands for. They may not like what they have said. They may like what they did. They may not like
whatever about that person. But, all that is formed in personality-based Mind Stuff. It is not based in the Truth. It is simply based in perception and this is why doing anything framed by that mindset equals bad karma. Do you ever think about this?

In recently times a lot of people have been, “Cancelled.” Certainly some of those on forefront of attacks have been comedians. Certain people don’t like their humor. Personally, I’ve never really been a fan of stand-up comedy. It’s just not what I’m into. That being said, I understand that comedy is about the framing of human reality in a very specific manner and sometimes that means it uses personal or cultural attacks as a means to get a laugh. Via words, it causes the listener to reexamine and rethink certain things in a different than expected manner. Sometimes comedy involves attack on a specific subject matter. But, where comedy differs from a personal attack is that it is designed to create laughter. In some cases, this is achieved via sarcasm. Yet, look at how many comedians have been thought to now be Politically Incorrect for saying something that they’ve said for years.

Sure, all this Cancel-Stuff this can be looked at as a time for change and reexamination. But, if anyone is hurt, if anyone is attacked by anyone, where do you think that karma lies? It goes straight to the life of those who are doing the hurting.

All you have to do is watch the life of a person who attacks others over a period of time and you will clearly see that they are not living a good or a truly fulfilled and happy existence. They are, at best, driven by anger and distain, which causes them to lead an adrenalized life. But, is that any way to live? Is that living a good life?

The thing about life is, you can explain to someone that what they are doing is not good, but if they don’t listen to you, your words mean nothing. Moreover, each person is doomed to live their own destiny, created, in no small part, by what they say to others and about others and how they behave in relation to others on the grand-scale of life.

Let’s take this to the personal level. Think about a time when you said something negative about a person based upon how you felt about something they said or did. Yes, you may have felt invigorated by that expression of your feelings. Yes, maybe even some people cheered you on. But, what happened next in your life? What happened later on down the road of your life? Did good things come to you because of what you said or did? Or, did your life begin to languish in the mundane or even the negative? Most likely, the ladder is true.

I’ve never seen a person yet who lived an ongoing happy and fulfilled life who based their existence upon a negative attack on a person or persons or a life based upon their negative appraisal of the all and the everybody.

Attack equals hurt. Hurt equals retribution. And, retribution comes out of nowhere when you never expect it. It may come in a day, it may come in a year, it may come in a decade, but it will come.

What I am saying here is, if you think your attack on someone, based upon what you do not like in them, is going to equal anything good in your life, think again. It will not.

Though karma is an accepted word to describe the repercussions a person experiences due to what they have done to someone else, it is just a word. Negative doing equals negative doing. If you say or do something negative, that hurts the life of someone else, you will have instigated that negativity and, due to your own instigation, it has already been brought into your own life. You will pay the price.

In closing, we all think what we think about other people. That’s natural. We like what some people say and do, we don’t like what others say or do. That’s also natural. But, the moment you decide you are judge and jury for anyone; game over. If you bring negativity to the life of anyone, you have instigated that negativity and you will encounter its backlash. It is for this reason that I always say, meet negativity with positivity. Seek to see the goodness in everyone. Even if you don’t like someone, don’t call them out on it just because you can. Try to find the good in what they do. Focus on that good. Even proclaim that good. Then, good is all you will have created and that good will come to find you.