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Karma is Real

Twenty or twenty-five years ago I used to be asked to write a lot of articles about the advanced metaphysical aspects of karma from a Hindu perspective. You can read one of those essays over on the Human Consciousness page of this website if you feel like it. I don’t know that the interest in the subject of karma has really changed that much over the years but it seems that as the understanding has become fairly commonplace; delving deeper into this understanding has waned.

This being said, karma is real. What you do causes the next set of experiences you will experience to be set into motion. If you help one person, you help the whole world. If you hurt one person, you hurt the whole world. But, it seems that so many people are so lost in the action of doing that they do not consider this fact.

One of the great things about age and getting older is that you get to view things through the perspective of time. You get to witness how certain people’s lives evolve based upon what they have done.

For example, I have watched as some people have risen literally to the top of the world. They got there by using people and their creations to arrive at that level. And, they fucked everyone over on their way to the top. I have witnessed this particularly in the film industry. The higher they rose, the more they surrounded themselves with cronies and attorneys in an effort to kept doing what they were doing and to kept their lifestyle vibrant. They did this until it all feel apart. Then, they ended up with literally nothing. The stories I could tell you…

For most people it is not like that, however. Most people will never have the drive and the uncaring desire to achieve that level of life and lifestyle. And, that’s a good thing. But, that is not to say that many people do not follow a similar path of selfish, hurtful activity; it is simply defined by a smaller standard.

For most who enact bad karma, they are not even consciously aware enough to care what they are doing. They are just doing, motivated by the, “Whatever,” mindset. The most common reason for behaving in this manner is that their life is in such a state of unfulfilled chaos that they simply live a life based upon emotional reaction. They think, they feel, they do, but they do not consciously consider what they do. From this, many people never raise their life above the level they currently inhibit. Their entire life definition is based upon chaos and reactive destruction.

For each of these aforementioned mindsets you are not going to be able to tell these people that karma is real and it is coming. For the first, they are too driven by their ego and/or the financial gratification they are receiving. For the ladder, they are just lost in undefined anger and/or the need to lash out due to their own sense of unfulfilled desire. Thus, they want to hurt anyone they can focus their attention upon.

But, where does this leave us? It leaves us at the root source of why some people hurt, why so many people rise and then have a terrible fall, and why so many lives are hurt or damaged by the actions of another person. People don’t think. People don’t care. People just do until they can do no longer.

If you are motivated to say something bad about, do something bad to, take something from, or hurt another person in any way, do you ever question your motivations? Do you ever take the time to get to the root of your emotions and why you want to behave in that manner, towards that person, in the first place? Do you ever question how you would feel if it was done to you?

I think we all have had something done to us, by someone else, that has hurt us or hurt our life. I would imagine that most of us have done things that have hurt another person or their life, as well. But, it is whom we are on the inside that then dictates how we will react and what we will do next.

First of all, do you ever watch your own karma? Do you ever do something and then take notice of what happens next? Maybe it isn’t the next day, the next week, or even the next year, but do you ever get counterpunched by life and then realize, “I know why that happened.” Most people don’t. They don’t think about those things. They just become upset at the fact that something happened to them that they did not like and then they become upset. But, if you don’t look to your past, if you don’t study what you have done and what was the reaction, then you will never understand the true science of karma and life.

All life comes down to you. All life comes down to what you do. All life comes down to how you treat other people. You want to know what is coming next in your life, critically study your life and the karmic answer will be revealed.

Karma is real.