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Looking to the Future Past and Other People’s Karma

I was having a joking little sit down over coffee with this sweet young thing of an actress/filmmaker friend of mine and we were discussing the past few years of life. Mostly, we were talking about pre-pandemic because now everybody’s everything got fucked especially in terms of creativity in the realms of things like filmmaking. Anyway, she made a few jokes about this blog and asked me why didn’t I just write an autobiography because so much of this blog is about the goings-on of my life. “That would take all of the fun out of the moment,” was my answer. But yeah, thinking about it, I guess someone could put together a fairly well researched biography of my life if they read all of the entries of this blog. …I think I’ve been writing it since 2011.

For anyone who writes a blog or does a vlog or writes novels or poetry or does whatever creative whatever they will understand that it is a very personal experience. How personal you make it is up to you but as it is an expression of a specific level of consciousness. But, the good news, (or the bad news), depending on how you want to look at it is, very few people take this blog back to its beginning. Yes, I know some of you have been reading it since it’s inception but for most, they pick it up here or there, maybe they read it for a day, a week, or maybe even month, it gives them some food for thought: they like it, they hate it, they think I’m right, they think I’m wrong, or whatever, and then they are gone. All good. Each person’s choice is each person’s choice. But, for those who actually care, this blog is all out there—all the entires are in book form. But, the mind of today seems to live only in the moment and the seeking out the What’s Free. Why buy or pay for anything if you don’t have to?

I was recently re-reading the final autobiography of Ram Dass, Being Ram Dass, that he composed shortly before he moved away from his physical life. It’s interesting… It’s interesting especial for those of us who know about his life; listened to him throughout the years and read his previous works. Ram Dass always told stories of his own life and his own life experiences. That was one of the things that drew me, (and many others), to him. That book tells many of the same stories that he had told before but it tells them from a slightly different perspective. It’s new but it’s also old. It’s kind of like when Marguerite Duras rewrote her seminal book, The Lover, and recomposed the story as the, The North China Lover. Both incredible books. The same but different.

Sometimes one needs to rethink a life story through the perspective of time. Sometimes one comes to new conclusions and new realizations about something that happened way back in the way back when. And, with that new understanding comes a new interpretation of life events.

It’s kind of like when people move on from relationships… Which was also something my friend and I were discussing. You know… I have known some people, mostly women, (but one man), who came from humble circumstances. They got into a relationship, it ended. But, what they came away with was an entirely new and better life and/or lifestyle. They got to keep a grand house. Something they could never have personally afforded. They got a lot of money and in some cases an ongoing supply of money. They got pushed into a new life which was so much better than the life they originally came from. They got handed a new lifestyle simply because they were in a relationship for a time, it ended, and they got to keep what they got; earned and paid for by the other member of that relationship’s money.

I wondered, as we were discussing, how many of those people actually give thanks to the person who gave them all of that? I would doubt that they do. When a relationship goes bad, they generally go very bad; and negativity is all that is felt. At least that is the words that are spoken by the people I know who have ended up on the other end of this equation. Yet, there that person is, living in a grand home, driving a nice car, being provided with a monthly allowance, simply because they could not keep their relationship together.

I don’t know??? Something just seems wrong in all of that. It seems like that person who ends up with Life-Betterment, based on leaving a relationship, while forever taking from that other person, is on the wrong side of karma.

It’s like all the people who get by taking. However they take is almost not even important. What is important is simply the fact that they do take. Think about life around you. Think about the people around you. How many people do you know who take something that was not given to them? Do you ever even question their actions? If you don’t, you should. How about you, do you do that? What is the karma for that?

Then, there is all of these people out there, like me, who work to survive. But, what do the takers give to me? What do they give to us?

And, I’m just using me as an example. Talking goes on all over the place, all the time. But, when someone is getting something they want, by whatever means they are getting it, they never seem to care about the karma of their taking. They never give their taking any thought.

This is why I always feel it is so important for people to say something—say something when you see something going wrong. When someone is doing, saying, or writing something negative; intercede, stop them, change the course of the conversation. Say or write something positive to countermand their actions. Make them realize that what they are doing, what they are saying is not right or righteous. Because silent is one of the most evil villains. Whether it is in Real Life, a conversation, on the internet, wherever… Meet that negativity with positivity. But again, people are willing to take but there are all of these excuses why they do not give. So, they do nothing.

The takers never like to hear that they are doing something wrong. They are getting what they want. Why should they care? But, they should be alerted to the fact that what they are doing is wrong. Who better to do that than you? Again, silent is one of the most evil villains. And, it lets people get away with a lot of bad doings.

I see the taking and the not giving all the time across the internet. If you don’t see it, you’re not looking. But again, most people don’t want to know. Most people don’t want to hear this. They just want to hear what they want to hear. They don’t want to think about the karma of their actions. They don’t want to think about what affect what they are doing is having on someone else.

I also have seen the giving. People give money to girls on the internet all the time; in all kinds of ways. Since the birth of the internet, it has been this way. Like I recently mentioned in this blog, men are based in this fantasy world and if they can hold a fantasy about a woman, if that woman provides them with something to fantasize about, then the wallet is open. But, that level of give and take is all based in illusion. And, all illusion leads to is eventual hurt.

The reason I bring all of this up is my friend, who as stated is young and I would say very pretty, gets all kinds of inappropriate stuff all the time sent her direction simply for the reason of taking. So much so that she has pulled back her internet presence. But again, it all goes to the taking and the not giving. It all goes to the creativity and artistry verses the unenlightened. It all goes to time: loving now and spanning back through the past. It all goes to caring about who you care about and what do you do for them? But, what do you give them? Do you only take what they have to give? Do you make excuses for your taking? Do you ever even contemplate the fact that you are taking? Or, do you care enough to give something in return?

Life is this complicated thing. It is completed because most people don’t want to open their eyes and their minds and understand the truth. Life is interaction. Life is give but it should not only be take. Life is caring. Life is caring enough to care about the person you interact with and/or get something/anything from. So, give before you take give. Give, especially if you take or you get.

As for this blog… I don’t charge a, “Member’s Only,” price to get into the secret realms of this website to read this blog like some people do. It’s available to the world. I don’t have ads running all over this website like some people do. I just find those so distracting. Does anyone ever even click on those ads? I don't have a Patreon account. I'm not trying to be an Influencer and advertise and sell you stuff you don't want or need. I don't try to get people to pay for my Zen Films on GoFundMe, Indiegogo, or any other crowd funding platform. But remember, this blog is not just this moment, all of the Scott Shaw Zen Blogs, throughout time and space, are out there. If you want to know what I knew then, if you want to know what I lived then—what I was thinking then and peer into all factors of my life and my history you can, just pick up a book.

Wow… That’s a lot of stuff on a several subjects but it all goes back to the basis of my friend and my conversation. To begin where I started, life is a projected interpretation of your experiences. My experiences are present here (and via the blog books) based on this HERE or the Now of Then. You can find out about my life and my life interpretations of life if you want to. Just like you can take if you want to—take but not give. But, if you take without giving what does that make you? Your life, your answer.