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At the Witch House

Recently, I was contacted by someone in the Out There. They wanted to do an interview with me about my music. Specifically, about the fact that I create Witch House music. “Do I,” questioned.
Just for fun, I looked the term up on Wikipedia. …Though, as we all know, I am no fan of Wikipedia. What it says is, “Witch house (sometimes referred to as drag) is a microgenre of electronic music that is musically characterized by high-pitched keyboard effects, heavily layered basslines and trap-style drum loops, while it aesthetically employs occult and gothic-inspired themes. The witch house visual aesthetic includes occultism, witchcraft, shamanism, terror and horror-inspired artworks, collages and photographs as well as significant use of hidden messages and typographic elements such as Unicode symbols.”
Of course, the next time anyone feels like getting handy, that definition on Wikipedia may change, as anyone can edit the pages there. But, all that is not the point…
Sure, of course, I know what Witch House is. And, way back in the way back when, I played the part of being part of that style and that trend. I even named one of my music collections, “At the Witch House,” way back in the way back when. Kind of tongue in cheek. Good stuff on that collection, I think. But, am I Witch House? Is that all I am?  
I remember I was at this acting audition, a million years ago, before I refused to go to auditions anymore. (You either known who I am and what I do, or you don’t). Anyway, one of the casting directors asked me if I was a Heavy Metal Guitarist. I guess due to my hair. “Nope,” I said, “I do Witch House.” He looked at me with questioning eyes, “Witch House, what’s that?” I just smiled.
I hate being categorized by my looks!
I always find that definitions get in the way of Art. If you call anything a something, it must be that—it must become that; right?
Long before Witch House, I created dark ambient Trance. “Trance,” again a definition. But, I’m just trying to lay some foundations for you here. Sorry!
But, am I that? Is that all I am? I’ve created a lot of different styles of music over the years. Now, of late, I’ve simply attempted to not do something that is all the same. I mean, if you listen to pop music; the chord progressions, the keys, the drums or drum machines, the samples and the patches are all the same. Same with Rock, Country, Jazz, EDM, you name it… I don’t want to do that. I want to do something that you haven’t heard a million times before. I want to create music that draws you deep into the music—deep into your mind. Is the music I create dark? Sure maybe. Sometimes… But, I more prefer the term I coined, and titled one of my music collections, “Horror House,” compared to Witch House.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about. And, if you even care… You can check out my music on all of the on-line music providers. Here’s my main page on
Spotify and they also just recently put up a page, This is Scott Shaw if you want to listen to a cross-section of my music. If you’re not subscribed to any of the on-line music services, you can easily check out my music on my Bandcamp page. You can also download it from there if you feel like it. Plus, if you look really hard, you may be able to find some of my CDs and LPs out there. Anyway…

I remember before Michael Jackson passed on; someone was doing an interview with him. They were asking him about his music, and though you could tell he was totally wasted, he said, (in essence), “I hear what’s not there.” Meaning, all he heard were the flaws or the lacking. Me too. That’s what I always hear in my music.
The What that is not there.
The problem is, if you forever seek
The What that is missing, it is like searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You can search forever but never trace down the end of that rainbow.
So, what does this leave us with? What does this leave me with? What is left is created but not being defined by definitions. Isn’t that the purest form of Art?
Of course, I turned down the interview, as I always do these days. Unless, of course, it is an invitation from a very established entity. 
As for me, Witch House, is that all I am? Is that how I’m seen, and my music experienced?

Meaning, is how you view a person who they truly are or is it simply what you believe they are which may or may not be right or wrong?