The Scott Shaw Blog Be Positive


Last week I looked out onto my patio and I noticed that there was a hawk sitting on the railing. Wow! “How cool,” I thought. Then it flew off.

A bit later in the week I was taking a walk around a nearby park with my lady. We saw a hawk sitting on the ground. We both pulled out our phones to take a photo. Before either of us could, the hawk took off. The only thing was, in his claws he was holding a just killed squirrel. Okay, that’s weird…

Whether it was the same hawk or not, I don’t know. There’s a lot of hawks that fly around my section of the outbound greater Los Angeles area. Though, of course, that is all nature—the hawk killing the squirrel and all that. But, it just seems so heartless—so predatory. I mean, I like squirrels.

Recently, there was this squirrel that was making a pattern out of coming to eat his lunch on my patio. One of my neighbors was apparently feeding him peanuts but he did not want to eat where he was fed. He was even trying to bury his treats in my planters. Though I felt very bad doing it, I had to shew him away as I did not want him and my cats getting into it. But, I certainly wanted him to be happy and not dead.

Again, I don’t know if that was the same squirrel. Probably not. But, the loss of all/any life is sad.

When I did the movie, The Roller Blade Seven, Donald G. Jackson came up with the name Hawk for my character. I never really questioned why. I just used it. It was just my character’s name. No big deal one way or the other… But, here/now this is the first time I questioned it. I don’t feel very predatory at all. In fact, I feel just the opposite.

Nature is a weird thing. The strong over power the weak but it always seems that the strong come at the position from a place of power. The hawk knew he could grab, kill, and eat that squirrel. He didn’t go after a Pit Bull or a German Shepard.

And, that’s the thing about life, the predatory are always the lowest on the spectrum of pure consciousness; they do what they do from an expected position of power. Power that someone else or something else gave them. They attack the weak or at least the weaker but they never go after the more power-full because then they would loss.

I don’t know… Nature is nature but we humans possess a choice, a choice that we really need to make. A choice to hurt no one and no thing no matter what.