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Push the Reset Button

For each of us there is something in our lives that we wish that we could change. For some, this is something large like move to a new city, get a better job, buy a new car, get a divorce from a husband or a wife, or find a pathway away from loneliness. For others, it is something small like lose some weight, learn how to play the guitar or learn a new language. What that something is can never be actualized, however, unless it is brought into reality and it is for this reason that many people never rise to the level of self fulfillment, contentment, and life accomplishment that they hope to find. If you want to do something, if you hope to change something, that will never happen unless you do it.

Life is a complicated array of desire verse actuality. Life is lived by availability. Though most everyone wishes that they could raise themselves to that level of greatness that so few have found, that may not be possible. But, what is possible is for you to define what is lacking in your life, delineate what you wish your life would be, and then take steps towards achieving that end goal. If you don’t try it will never happen.

I was in a thrift store the other day looking through the vinyl. This girl comes up and starts chatting me up about music, old record stores, and the like. At one point she pulls down her mask. (As we are in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus we are all required to wear masks). She exclaims, “This is what I look like.” She was, what I would consider, a cute thirty-something white girl. Then, her phone rings. “I’ve got to get this.” She answers, “Yes baby, yes baby, I’m leaving right now…” She bolts for the door without saying another word to me. I’m guessing her boyfriend was waiting for her in the car outside and she had stayed in the store for what he deemed to be too long. You could her the fear in her voice as she replied to him. She was clearly looking for a new man in her life. Obviously, I was not that person. But, if you don’t try…

This is the thing, we all want that something else, that something better—we hope to be better, we want to be more… As stated, for some, that something else is something big—it is a big change. For many, that change involves people—bringing other/new people into our lives.

People are complicated. They each have their own set of desires and they each have their own demons. They too want what they want. If you fall into their net of desire then you may walk with them for a time or a lifetime. But be wary, each person brings with them their own pattern of behavior and aspirations and, as with you, once you have lived what you lived; you may want to leave it behind. So, few people can truly be counted on to give you what you want forever.

Your life is your pathway. Your life is your passageway to achieving what you want. What you have done and what you are now doing does not have to be the forever definition of your life. But, if you want something different you must decide to take the steps to make that something else—that something better become a part of your life. It is you who must do it. It is you who must make it a reality.

Push the reset button.