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Buying into the Illusion

Ever since the dawning of the age of the internet it has been very easy to witness the hold that illusion has over people. Once upon a time, in the long ago and the far-far away, you had to know someone to watch them fall prey to the promise of what was never to be. But, then came the world wide web and certain people immediately found a way to give and to gain and to believe that what is in front of their eyes may actually be theirs.

I think back to the early stages of the internet—before that was even its name. I was writing my dissertation and I discovered that I could access certain newspapers and certain books on my computer. It wasn’t even known as being on-line yet. But, it was a great boon as I was able to get information and I did not even have to travel to and go digging through microfiche at local libraries.

But, then too, I saw people wasting all kinds of time doing what latter became, “Chatting,” on what were best described as, “Posting boards.”

People would claim a screen name. The screen names weren’t permanent back then. They changed every time you phoned-in and listened to the dial-up tone. You hoped you could your same name. But, sometimes someone beat you to it.

But, what did all that type-talking mean? What did it equal? What does it equal? All it does it kill your time—take your Life Time and what are you left with? Words forgotten that meant very little.

Then things started to improve. With visuals it all changed. People could see what they thought they saw. But, was any of it real?

Not that long ago, maybe a couple of decades, sites like Amazon begin to offer their clientele their own pages where people could post their wish list. I remember whenever a pretty girl’s birthday was coming up, they would reminded all the people out their who followed them, by whatever means was possible (back then), to buy them what was on that list. Like a Wedding Registry men bowed down and paid out. But, who did they pay out to? The fact is, it was only a fantasy. A fantasy they would never personally know.

What all this drove was the illusion of the illusion. The promise of what could never be.

Think about it, maybe think about yourself, what have you fallen under the spell of the illusion about? Who have you fallen under the spell of
their illusion to? Who have you tried to make fall under your illusion? And, what was the basis of any of this?

People rarely study their inner-emotions. They just randomly think. They simply impulsively act. They do what they do without any consciousness as to why they are doing. They just want. When they are presented with the possibility of the illusion then they become lost from all reason and they do with no true sense of why they are doing.

Truly ponder this for a moment… How much of what you do is done on the basis of illusion? How much of what you do is based in fantasy? How much of what you do is based upon the desired hope of getting that whatever or whomever it is that you are dreaming about?

Think to your life… How many of those illusions that you have fallen prey to did you actually live?

Now, turn this around, how much of your life is based upon presenting an illusion? How much false hope do you put out there with the intention of getting that gift that you want on your Amazon wish list? And, do you care about what that promised illusion is doing to that other person?

Life is an interactive process. Once upon a time, it was primarily based upon one-on-one. At least at that stage of human history, illusion was more interactive. But now, all that is lost. All there is has become the image of the Out There. But, what is the Truth in that Out There? Moreover, why do you let it control you? The answer to that question is because you do not have a Conscience Control of Self. You do not have a Focused Principal of Life. Due to this fact, you will give to what you can never have. You will do things for those you will never truly know. You may believe the illusion. You may believe the promise. You may follow the lies that they speak. But, as you can never live a true reality with them (with that) all you are doing is casting your life to an existence of being wholly defined by falsity and illusion.

Since the dawning of rising human consciousness, spiritual teachings have warned that all life is illusion. That one must protect themselves from falling prey to that illusion. But, do you? Do you walk the path of illusion-filled worship? Do you walk the path of illusion-filled portrayal? In either case, all you are doing is walking a road to No Self Awareness. If you do this—if you follow this path, what will your life have meant in its final portrayal?