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How Do You Say Thank You?

People do things for us all of the time. Maybe these things are a very directed action. They see we need or want something and they give it to us. Maybe these things are much more subtle. They notice that we need some help or some affection and they provide it. Maybe it is even something much more esoteric. They think or say something and what they thought proves us with inspiration. All over the place, all the time, people, whether knowingly or not, are giving to us—providing us with that something. How do you say, “Thank you,” to them?

Sometimes saying, “Thanks,” is a very obvious gesture. Sometimes it is big and sometimes it is small. Sometimes we don’t say anything at all but we let the person know with a hug, a smile, or a returned kind gesture. But, all good deeds need to be thanked.

Giving thanks may be a harder thing to do when you may not even know the person. Think about all the people who have helped you simply because they did something that you liked or that inspired you. Maybe it was the song they played, the painting they painted, or the words that they wrote. They truly provided you with something. But, how can you thank them if you do not even know them? Do you ever even think about that? Do you ever try to find a way? Or, do you simply receive?

It is very important to thank the people who have given you something, because if they did not provide you with that something, you would not have it.

Gifts and giving comes in all forms. But, if you do not thank the people, whether personally known to you or not, for what they have given you, something is truly lost in the process.

Thank the people who give you something. Thank the people who have helped you. Thank the people that have inspired you. Thank the people who have liked you. Thank the people who have loved you. Thank the people who have given you something, no matter how abstract that something may be. Whether you personally know them or not, thank them, because they are the one who helped you to become who you are.