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It's Not All About You!

I had walked into this store today and entering just behind me was an African-American man who was not wearing a mask.

To place all of this is terms of time perspective, here in the Los Angeles area, masks are currently required for all indoor locations. For a time, the mask mandate was removed if you were vaccinated, but we are experiencing a large resurgence of COVID-19, via the Delta Variant, and, as such, masks are once again required. In fact, right now, more people are being hospitalized and dying in the U.S. since the early stages of the pandemic. So, the wearing of masks seems like a small price to pay to help keep everyone more healthy.

Anyway, I start to go about my shopping. The manager informs the man that a mask is required to shop in the store. He goes off. One thing leads to another… He claims to have a medical condition. The manger asks to see his medical documents. “I don’t need no fucking medical documents!” On and on, he yells, “What you are doing is illegal. Call the mother fucking police! I’ll have YOU arrested. I have lawyers and I make a lot of money from assholes like you! I’m feeling threatened by you!” It goes on and on and on… He was having a total Karen moment.

I’ve seen these situations on the news, since the onset of the pandemic, but I had never witnessed this level of confrontation in person. I thought to pull out my phone and record the altercation, but there is all this White-Black stuff going on right now and I didn’t want to be the source of further controversy.

The manger was not letting up. She wanted him to put on a mask or leave the store. Had she been a small woman, I would have been more worried for her. But, she was big. I would guess about 6’2” and maybe two hundred pounds. She was, in fact, taller and bulkier then the man without a mask.

Finally, an African-American man, who
was recording the situation, went up to talk to the guy and things seems to calm down. Me, I left the store. I hate confrontations.

Okay, but lets’ get down to the get down. Life is not all about you! Life is not all about the way that man choose to behave! You MUST think about the other person!

This is one of the biggest problems that has occurred since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. A lot of people only think about themselves. They don’t want to get vaccinated. But, by not being vaccinated maybe you have the virus, do not even know you have it, but spread it someone who will become very sick and possible die from you giving it to them. If that occurred, who would be at fault for their death? YOU!

Just like that woman who intentionally coughed on that bus driver before there were mask mandates and vaccines. He died! That lady should have been prosecuted for murder!

Some people don’t want to wear masks. I get it. They’re not fun. But, right now, at least here in L.A., they are required. Why are they required? To help keep other people safe. Again, it’s not all about you!

Just like the bodybuilder, actor, and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger said in regard to the anti-mask, anti-vaxxers who claimed their freedoms were being encroached upon, “Screw your freedom. Because with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities.”

You know, this all goes to the bigger level of life. Do you only think about yourself? Do you only care about yourself? How much do you care about that person who may be shopping next to you that you will never even know?

If you don’t care about them, where is your humanity? If you don’t care about anyone/everyone else, where is your conscience? You really need to care about the other person!

The world is still engulfed in the COVID-19 Pandemic. But, if you don’t take the necessary precautions, like wearing a mask and getting vaccinated, you are the one who keeps this pandemic flourishing.

I don’t know, maybe this pandemic will bring about the end of the human race? It keeps altering and changing and people keep dying. But, no matter when you enter or when you exit your life, if you do not consciously care about the other person, (all other people), then all that makes you is a selfish individual. Is that who you are?

Life is not all about you!