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That’s the Thing About Karma…

In life, everybody operates from their own perspective. They do what they do based upon their own reality as they know it.

Most people do not intentionally do things that hurt or take from other people. This being said, most people rarely take other people into consideration as they are charting the path for their life.

There is a very simple experiment for you to perform to confirm this fact. Think about the last undertaking you undertook. When you did it, why did you do it? Who was it designed to benefit? And, in this calculation, did you consider the impact of what you were going to do on the other people involved in the endgame of your action—whether they were knowingly involved or not? Your answer, though probably muddled in denial about your true motivations, will obviously point you to the truth of whom and what you were actually thinking about; yourself.

What does this tell us? It explains that the majority of the world’s people only views life from the perspective of themselves. That is why people do not understand karma. When they are hit with some karmic attack they wonder, “Why me?” They wonder this because they are only focused on themselves. They have never cared to study or take into consideration how their actions have affected other people. At best, all they do (once again) is to view the situation from their own perspective and maybe even blame the someone who is retaliating for what they set in motion. Thus, they are locked into a mindset of self and only self. They never look beyond themselves.

Think about the actions you have undertaken recently. Define how they affected you and your life. Think about not only the big things that you have undertaken but they very small things as well. Take a few moments and truly contemplate what motivated you to do what you did and how it affected your life.

Now, spread your consciousness away from your self. Look at those same actions. When you were preparing to perform them, did you ever even consider the impact they would have on that somebody else? If you did not, why not?

The fact is, whether you did or did not is almost unimportant because whatever you did almost assuredly affect the life of someone else in either a small or a large way. How do you feel about that? Seriously… Take a moment and define in your own mind how do you feel about that fact? …The fact that you, by doing what you decided to do, affected the life of someone else? Do you even care?

If the average person were to tell you the truth you would find that most people don’t care. They do what they do based upon a completely selfish perspective. The problem with this mindset is, however, it leads to karmic reaction. You choose to do something, it affected someone else, thus, those actions, whether consciously taken or not, will come back your direction.

So, here’s the question… Do you care? As stated, most people do not. They live what they live in their moment and as long as their moment is feeling okay, that is good enough for them. As long as their actions are equally what they want in any given moment, they do not allow their thoughts to go to the anybody else. How about you?

The thing about life is, we all do what we do. But, if we cannot be conscious enough to calculate the consequences of what we do on the somebody else then our life simply becomes a very selfish, karma reactive existence.

In all life circumstances there is the instigator, there is the doer, and there is the receiver. Instead of only calculating how you will feel when you set about on a course of action, take a moment and study how your instigated action will affect the somebody, the anybody else. By thinking how it will affect them, you can calculate how your karma for the instigation of that action will come back your direction.

If you want to understand life, if you want to live a conscious, caring, and giving life, think before you do. Think about the other person.