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The Translation of Your Spiritually

When you are reading a holy scripture do you ever ponder the path that text took to be placed in front of your eyes?

Let’s take the Bible for example. The Bible went through a very long process of translations and adaptations to reach the state it is in today. Here, now, at this point in history, one can find many versions of the Bible presented for the public to read in numerous languages. Is the sourcepoint of these manuscripts the same? Yes, most probably, but if you read the words in these proclaimed scriptures each of these editions are presented in their own unique manner. Does this make one version of the Bible less and another one more? That is open to individualized interpretation. But, the fact is, yes, they are different. So, which one is a
true Bible?

Historians have charted the way in which the Bible came into existence so I won’t go into that here. But, all one has to do is to look to the history of the evolution of the Bible and they will easily find that it evolved in a very haphazard manner dominated by the people and the powers of eras gone past. Thus, is the Bible a creation of god or is it a creation of man?

The Christian is taught that one must have faith. But, they are also taught that their specific brand of the teaching is the best—better than the others. Thus, two branches of Christianity, though based in the same religious origin, may be interpreted very differently.

If we look to books like the Tao Te Ching, which was a big influence on my life, we see that virtually every copy you pick is translated somewhat differently. Yes, Chinese, and particularly ancient Chinese, is a very interpretive written language but two books claiming the same source, origin, and truth are vastly different when they are compared. Is one the true teachings and the other is not? Again, this is open to personal speculation.

Christians are taught that they simply must believe, that they must give their life over to, “Faith.” Meaning, you must believe what you are taught to believe. But, who are you taught by and why? Why must you believe simply because you are expected to believe?

Life and particularly spiritual life and spiritual realization are based upon personal inquiry. Inquiry of the self and inquiry of the greater cosmos, leading to communion with the absolute power of reality. If one does not question the sourcepoint for their knowledge all they become is a vehicle of belief. But, belief is never fact, it is never self-realization. Thus, if you simply take the words of any scripture as fact simply because it is printed and placed into front of your eyes to read then you are allowing whomever put those words together to be the guiding guardian of your life.

How many people claiming holiness—how many people claiming knowingness have been proven to not be true to the teachings they teach? With this simply fact as a basis, it should cause anyone who walks the path of religious spirituality to question the source of their printed knowledge as, at best, it is simply a concoction and a translation of some person’s interpretation of what they believe should be presented to the world.

Read, but always question what you are reading because there are no words written that have not been composed with an intended purpose of causing a person to believe a specific point of view. All words can be traced back to a man (or woman). All people are fallible. Thus, be careful of being guided by what you believe based on what you have read because all people hold an agenda and if they used so-called Holy Scriptures to get you to do something all of their proclamations and requests should be held suspect.