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Do You Want to Help People?

What is the focus of your life? Truly, ask yourself that question, “What is the focus of my life?”
For each person the answer to that question is different. And, there is no right or wrong answer. But, the question still remains, what is the focus of your life?
For some, it is to make money and live a good lifestyle. For others, it is to take care of their family and give them a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. Some wish to move themselves forward, climb up their career ladder, and rise to the top of their game in fame and name. Some don’t even think about this. They think about nothing but simply letting their life unfold as it will. Of all these cases, however, few people ever set themselves on a conscious course of focusing on helping others. Even if they claim they are doing what they do to help others: by being a teacher, a medical professional, or a comedian, what they are actually doing is guiding themselves into a position where they can gain accolades, money, fame, and respect.  Who is that helping?
Anyone can help anybody if they want to. But, do you want to?  Truly, do you ever contemplate this? Moreover, if you do contemplate this/if you do think about helping someone/anyone else, where does the concept of, “I,” come into this quotation?
Why do you want to help someone else? Why do you wish to help a specific person or a particular cause? What do you get out of it?
The fact is, everyone can choose to help someone else. But, as long as the central focus of the helping equation is YOU, who is getting what and why?
As long as YOU are the central focus of your helping, all you are doing is helping yourself, while telling the lie (to others and to yourself) that you are doing something for the greater good.
Helping someone is the greatest gift that can be given. That gift is commonly diminished, however, by why the helping is being unleashed.
You really should study your motivations. Not just for helping someone or something else but for why you do whatever it is that you do. Because if you don’t, all your life becomes is a selfish illustration, defined by a lie.