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End of an Era

At the end of every year, different publications and productions put out a list of those known individuals who have died over the previous year. As we are coming up to the end of this year, 2023, it is no different.
I just popped over to one of these lists that I saw on-line and, WOW, again, this year, we lost so many people that touched our lives.
Different people touch our life in different ways. For each of us, the people that touch our lives are different. For me, (and many of us), much of my life has been defined by music. It is always sad to hear when one of those truly influential music creators has passed away. We lost a few this year. It is so strange to be reminded that they are now gone.
We also lost some truly great filmmakers and actors. Cinema is obviously a big part of my existence, as it is with many. It always has been. From my earliest memories forward, I remember going to the movies and analyzing each detail of the production. When that performer or creator is gone, nothing new will be added to their resume. Sad!
Politics dominates us all. Some grand political figures have passed away this year, as well. But, I think, at least for most of us, we generally don’t feel a great connection with them, say the way we do with a musician who we really like the music they created or an actor who took us away via their onscreen performances.
So many known people die each year. They are the ones that get listed in these lists. But, think about it, so many more other people pass away each year, as well. Those who are not universally known. What about them? Weren’t they an important clog in the wheel? Didn’t their life contribution matter?
Maybe you lost someone that really meant something to you this year. I did. Hopefully that’s not the case. But, I imagine that throughout our lifetime, we all lose someone we love. What about them? What did their life matter to the grand scheme of reality?  If nothing else, at least they contributed to your life. At least they were loved by you. Shouldn’t they be on a list somewhere?
The essential thing to think about is, when you pass on from this life, who will remember you and why? What contribution did you make to the all and the everything?  Who loved you? What list are you going to be placed upon?