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The Psychedelic Church

For any of us who have liked to go out and party into the late night, we know it can be a lot of fun. The location is different for different points in time and distinctive personalities in time. Maybe it’s a bar, a dance club, a live music venue, and the list goes on. But, wherever it is, there is fun, companionship, and experiences to be had. In fact, it can become quite addicting.

Hand-in-hand with going to most of these places comes the drinking of alcohol. What is the ultimate purpose of drinking alcohol? To alter your consciousness.

For any of us who have partaken of the drink, we know it can be fun but it can also lead to certain problems when done in excess. Not the least of which is a hangover the next morning.

I think we all have seen depictions of the drunk saying and doing stupid things. Maybe you have been that person. I know I have.

The thing about alcohol, and alerting your consciousness via alcohol, is that it is looked down upon. The chronic drunk and/or the alcoholic are always considered to be one of the lowest of the low. The place nobody wants to end up. Though there are a lot of them out there, due to the ease of obtaining alcohol, the drinking of alcohol is not respected in any way. It is not viewed as a religious experience, even though the consciousness of the person who partakes of the drink is vastly altered.

Beginning a bit earlier, but really taking hold in the 1960s, the use of hallucinogenic drugs entered into the mainstream of understanding. Though the established thought was that any new drug that altered the mind was bad, there came to be a group of people that made the use of these drugs almost a religion. Whereas alcohol was seen to be a drug that drove the mind to decay, hallucinogenic drugs were propagated as being a pathway to rising consciousness. But, where they? Certainly, all types of states of altered consciousness occur when one is under the influence of these drugs but there is no one chartable occurrence—everyone experiences the effects differently. And, here lies the problem.

For example, what happens to each person who drinks too much whiskey is fairly standard. For the person who takes LSD or other hallucinogenic concoctions there is no charting what will occur. And, here arises the flaw in the false understanding that hallucinogenic drugs lead to cosmic consciousness. If hallucinogenic drugs were a pathway to higher consciousness, there would be a standard, chartable reaction. There is not. In fact, even if the same person takes the same dosage two days in a row, the effects are very different. What the drug does to a person is based upon many factors inculding individual personality, the state of mind of the person at the time of their ingestion, and many other aspects that are unchartable. In fact, some people react to the drugs in a very negative manner—so much so that it leaves some people mentally damaged forever.

Just as there are people who fall prey to alcoholism, there are also those who love the experience of encountering the psychedelic mind. As it is such a wild and unchartable experience, this has given birth to the belief that it must be some sort of cosmic revelation. But, it is not. It is just a thing that happens. Your mind goes wild for a few hours. Though it is an experience filled with things that you never encounter in normal existence, it is not a religious experience. It is simply an experience instigated by a drug that works differently on the mind of each person. As it is not a natural occurrence, there can be no cosmic realization attached to its experience.

Certainly, for those of us with a mind geared towards self-realization, we view all things we encounter as a pathway to rising consciousness. But, rising consciousness is not artificially altered consciousness. Artificially altered consciousness is just a thing done to us by a some-thing.

Though hallucinogenic drugs were, and to a lesser degree still are, touted as a pathway to enlightenment. They are not. They are just a thing that some people like to do instead of going out to a nightclub.