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Knowing What You Think is Right

When you make up your mind about something how flexible are you in understanding that you may be wrong? Some people make up their mind and that is that. They know they are right. They believe they are right, even if they are wrong.
But, what is right and what is wrong? Isn’t that simply a perspective?
Have you ever had to make a choice? I’m sure you have. We all have. Have you ever pondered that choice over-and-over attempting to make the right one? I know I have. Being a Libra, I’m terrible with hard and fast decisions. I’m all over the place weighting the possible outcomes. How about you?
Some choices are obvious. At least they seem to be obvious. But, the problem always exists—the problem few people consider is that one things always leads to another. One choice leads to your next set of choices and the next and the next. One choice lead to your next set of availability. So, any choice you make holds wide spanning implications.
This is why some people live a happy and fulfilled life, while others do not. They have made choices that lead to a good set of next available options.
This all comes down the source of the choice(s) you make. What makes you make those choices. Aren’t the choices you make based upon what you believe to be right? But, why do you believe what you believe to be right? Is it what someone told you? Is it something you heard on T.V.? Is it something you read on social media? What? Why?  How often to you ponder this question?
The problem with belief is that it is only that; belief. The problem with choice is that it is only that; choice. You believe, you choose, you do what you do based on those beliefs and those choices. But, then what? Answer: You must live with the consequences.