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Round and Round and Round and Round

I always find life to be this interesting production of movement from one place to the next but the next is always intertwined with the before. You bump into people you used to know, a new person you meets knows someone who you used to associate with, and people, years later, proclaim the same patterns of action that someone else has created in your years gone past.

Back in 1990, I was ask to create this documentary about doctors who traveled to China to perform eye surgery to needy patients for free. If you feel like it, you can view element of the handheld camera work I did for the film on my YouTube Channel. As for the full-on, high-end footage and film, I have no idea what became of it???

Just a side note I flashed up… One of the funny things that occurred when we first arrived at the hospitable was that the doctor, who had traveled from the U.S., always referred to me as, “Doctor.” Inside the O.R., the head surgeon of the hospitable hearing this immediately handed me a set of scrubs and expected me to go in and perform surgery. “I’m not that kind of doctor,” I laughingly exclaimed… Anyway…

One of the things I have noticed about life is that due to the extensive amount of writing I have done, and books I have had published, people always seem to want me to help them write their own tale of woe. And, due to the extensive amount of films I have created, people who have written their life’s tale, hope that I can help them turn it into a film. I get asked for this assistance all the time but it is really not what I do. I don’t make that kind of movie and I really don’t care that much about any of these people’s life—at least not the to degree that I would want to help them write their autobiography. Plus, they never want to offer me big bucks to entice my interest.

The reason I mention this is that this other western doctor, who had arrived to help with the eye surgeries, had written an autobiography or something. It was unpublished, of course. He lived somewhere else, outside of California. I forget where. He hoped I could turn it into a film. But, why would I do that? How is his tale so much more interesting than anyone else’s?

After I returned from China I would get call after call, fax after fax (Fax—remember those?) from him with hopes that I would help him out. I never responded. Finally they stopped.

Now, let’s look thirty years later; today… Recently, one of the local nurses who I met back then got in touch with me via Facebook. We’ve exchanged niceties and all of that kind of stuff. Today, I just got the ask—the ask to help her write her life story and turn it into a movie. This made me smile. Like I always say, it seems everybody wants something from me but no one ever give me anything.

Here I am, (again), another person asking the same ask. But, like the various character’s I portray in my Zen Films frequently questions, “What’s in it for me?”

Here we all are; life… We live what we live. We all have a tale to tell. Some are better than others. Some feel theirs should be told. Some are more humble and just keep it to themselves. But, in all of the living, in all of the asking, where is the giving? Where is the focus? On yourself or on the someone else?

I always find that the people who want to tell their tale have some sort of strange ego. For it is them, and generally only them, who wants to tell their tale. But, what about the other person? They too have lived a life.

So, the world goes round and round and round and round. We all live our lives as best as we can. But, what we live always comes back around. What we live, we live again and again and again. The same experience(s), via a different person at a different time. What does it all means, I don’t know? But, think about it, think about your own life; isn’t what I am saying true? You live what you live what you live and then you live it again. You live it, maybe you want to tell others about it, but it is truly only you who can understanding the interworking’s—the inside out of your existence. So, telling people about it, do they really care or do they only care if it somehow affects them?