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The Choices That You Choose

Your life is defined by the choices that you make. Each next step that you encounter in your life is predicated upon that last choice that you made.

Some believe that their life was set on a course of events based upon where they grew up, how they grew up, and what they did or did not have when they were growing up. Others believe that their choices are not their own. They are forced to make their choices by the predicaments they are given due to the actions of someone else. As true as those two ideas may be, the ultimate definition of your life comes down to the choices that you make in each life situation no matter where, how, or by whom you arrived at the need to make that choice.

We are all defined by the choices we are allowed to make. What gives us our next set of life choices? The choices we previously made defines where we find ourselves in this here and this now.

Some of the choices you make are very memorable. You made that choice and it changed the entire direction of your life. Other choices you make are so small that they are forgotten pretty much the moment you made them. They were made, you did what you did, lived what you lived, and then you moved on to make your next choice. No matter the size or the scale of that choice you made, it is that choice that defines your next choice, which then defines your next choice after that and so on. We are all defined by the last choice that we made.

How much time do you spend contemplating the choices that you make? Are you one of those people that just goes for it—never really thinks too deeply about the impact of your choices and then either basks in the rewards or suffers the consequences? Or, are you someone who thinks out with precision every choice you make—you ponder the ramifications of every choice before that choice is made?

How often do you regret the choices that you have made? How often do you feel bad about a choice you made that negativity affected the life of someone else? How often do you lie to try to redefine the choices that you have made? If this is the case with any of your choices, do you ever truly ask yourself what caused you to make that choice in the first place?

Just as other peoples choices have an impact on you and the next set of choices you will be presented with, your choices can and will affect the next set of choices another person or persons will be presented with. How much time do you spend contemplating how your choices are going to affect that someone else? Do you contemplate this and/or question it at all? Or, are all your choices simply defined by the selfishness of your own mind?

A choice is the defining factor of all of our lives. Shouldn’t this be one of the most hallowed elements of life that each person undertakes? But, is it? How deeply do you contemplate your choices? Do you truly question how that next choice you will make is going to affect your life, the life of anyone else involved, and how it will create your next choice?

Choice is the defining factor of your life. It is the one thing that no on else can truly control because it is you who ultimately decides what choice you will make. What choice are you going to make next? Your life, your choice?