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Nobody Ever Asks Me Anything

You know, it is a very strange experience… And, this is something that has been going on for a long-long time in my life in association with my creative works. People talk and talk about what I have created but nobody ever asks me anything. They just decided to produce a project based upon what I have done and then talk about it. But damn, they are more often wrong than they are right.

Hey everybody, I’m right here! Why don’t you ask me?

Certainly, it is a bit flattering. I did something, I wrote something, I filmed something, I did something with someone and people loved it or hated it enough to talk about it and do a full-on production about it. Okay… But, doesn’t it even matter to these people that what they are describing—what they are saying when they are recounting the way they assume I thought, what took place during the creation of the project, or how we did what we did or why we did it, is totally incorrect?

Today, I was contacted by a guy who apparently just did a podcast about one of my old films. …It seems everybody talks about the films I did twenty or thirty years ago. Hey people, I’ve done a lot of movies since then. Anyway, by his Facebook page he seems like a solid and interesting guy. He invited me to listen to his podcast. But, I did not. I virtually never do. The reason I don’t is that every time I listen to and/or read what someone is saying they are generally totally wrong. They are totally missing the point. And, it is not so much that this upsets me but it simply makes me question a person’s motivations.

For me, I come at all this from an academic perspective. Long before I was ever a filmmaker, I was a researcher. My facts had to check out. I could not guess or speculate. And, that is still who I am. I look for the facts. I mean, I love to read autobiographies or watch factually based and well-researched bio docs. But, it seems like nobody does that—they don’t care. They just want to talk, critique, criticize, tear apart, and insult the creator. It seems like all anyone wants to do is cast an opinion. But, what is an opinion? It’s really nothing. It just individualizes judgments pretending to be something more. But, it is not anything more. It is just mind junk.

Some people have gone so far as to take apart my films and do pseudo docs on them. Some have even stolen my movie footage, that is protected under U.S. Copyright Law, to do just that. But, even with these elaborate presentations, they were predominately wrong in their conclusions. They misrepresented my thoughts and my motivations. They weren’t there when the film was being created, they didn’t ask me anything, and so what are their conclusions actually based upon? Simply what they observed on the screen and/or what they like or don’t like. But, that’s just individualized estimation. That is not reality. But, when you present it to the public as something more, then it becomes inflicted damnation.

Like I always say, let’s see the kind of film you can make with no budget. And, let’s see how many of them you can make.

Now, I know… I know… I’ve talked about this kind of stuff before in this blog and elsewhere. And, I am not disparaging anyone. I am just saying; if the source is there, go to it. What is the point of doing anything about the creative works of any person if you do not actually understand why they did what they did?