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Before the Break of Day

I was awoken very early this morning. My cats decided to do one of their zoomie sessions. They were running around, chasing each other back and forth, climbing up the cat scratcher, etc. One, jumped right on my leg, apply a bit of a claw, which is what probably woke me up the most.
All this is okay, however. That’s what owning a furry friend means. For anyone who lives with a furry being, you know this all makes everything worthwhile even though, yes, it may be a bit frustrating when you are awoken from a deep sleep.
Anyway, I decided to go and get a drink of water before I tried to go back to sleep. As I always do, when I am awoken in the night, I go and look out the window before I go back to bed. This very early AM, I looked out over the Pacific Ocean and the moon was just setting up the coast near Point Mugu. What was most noticeable about this is that, I guess, due to the clouds or the marine layer or the whatever, the moon etched this very artistic pattern in the sky just at the horizon. It was really pretty.
Of course, I thought to get out my iPhone or a camera and take a photograph, to make that image last forever. But, I know, from experience, it is very hard to capture a nighttime image unless you go all out and get out the tripod, etc. So, I just stood there looking at it for a time, letting the image imprint onto my mind.  
In any case, this was the early AM of Christmas morning 2023. As no one ever really gives me any Christmas presents or anything, so I saw this as a gift from the great beyond. Thank you! It was really beautiful!
I believe we all need to look for those moments in our life and really take the time to view them and let them soak in. Most of life just passes by in a blur. But, every now and then, there is beauty presented in the most unexpected circumstances.
Take the time to look. Take the time to study. Take the mental snapshot to remember. Take the time to be thankful.