Scott Be Positive

Tomato Soup on the Road to Never Stop Learning

Probably like most of you, I’ve been eating tomato soup my whole life. When I was a little kid, I began to cook it for myself out of a Campbell’s can. As the years went on, and canned soup got better, I moved over to Progresso and brands like that. Though I’ve never been a super big fan of tomato soup, sometimes in restaurants, and places like that, I have had some pretty tasty tomato soup.
As I’m pretty much the chef around my home… …It’s kind of funny, every now and then, when my lady and I are in supermarkets and places like that, and the cashier (or someone) will make some comment about what is she planning to cook? I have to immediately chime in, “She never cooks anything!” Some people just are not about cooking. That’s fine. I don’t mind.
Anyway, throughout the many years of my life, whenever I have made tomato soup as a side dish or something, I’ve kept it fairly basic. …Boring and basic. A lot of times I just hand a good portion of it over to my lady, “You want this?”
Recently, I don’t know what it is, but I began to explore some tomato soup recipes. I discovered that it is really easy to make some very tasty tomato soup. Which is something I’ve now been doing over the last little while. I even had some for lunch today. I mean, with just a few additional ingredients, you can really turn the favor around. …Making it really-really good.
What I’m saying here is, most of us just do things the way we do things all of our life. We find a pattern and that is what we do. Whether it’s good, bad, or otherwise doesn’t really matter. We do what we do until we can do it no longer. That’s really sad, I think. Just like my life with tomato soup, I have missed out on so much flavor. …Missed out, because I did not explore the new ways to DO.
So… Here’s my suggestion… Today, find out how to do something differently. Shake up your life of doing everything the same. It can be something as simple as how you make tomato soup, or it can go up the ladder from there.
Catch yourself today, doing what you do the same way all the time, and then STOP. Check out if there is a way to do it differently.
You never know, like me with tomato soup, you may discover a new and better path, that is very easy to follow, leading to a much more flavorful life.