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Just Something Else to Take Your Mind Off of What’s Really Important

I have been hearing all of this debate lately about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not on all of the talking head TV shows and on the radio. Really… Who cares?

I remember when Die Hard first came out. I saw it on the Friday it was released at a local theater. This theater had a smaller screen and the sound system wasn’t that great. The movie, however, was great. Immediately after the movie was completed I drove up to Westwood to see it again on the big screen. I thought it was that good.

Is it a Christmas movie? Well yes, it does take place surrounding the Christmas holiday. But again, who cares? That is not what the movie is about.

Here’s the thing about life… Everybody, whether knowingly or not, tries to fill your mind with all kinds of bullshit so you will not think about the what is really important.

Think about your own life. What do you think about? Do you fill your thinking time with thoughts about the what really matters—about making your life and All Life better; doing something that is better for all? Or, do you drift to the meaningless? The current fantasy? Your current fantasy?

Turn on any TV, listen to the radio, watch YouTube, listen to the podcasters, they are all filled with a bunch of meaningless nothing all designed to take your mind away from what is truly important. They feed you some addictive substance—something that you will share with someone else. …All designed to cause you to not look deeply into your life, your life actions, and how what you do not only affects you but the everyone else.

So, what are you going to do next? Think about the meaningless nothing someone has feed you? Or, choose to make your thoughts mean something—make them guide you to a better you—make them lead you to a better
all for you and for everyone else?

What will be your next thought? Make that your meditation for the day.

What are you thinking about and why are you thinking it? Who or what guided you to thinking that thought? What will that thought do for your life? What will it do for or to the life of anyone else?

What will be your next thought and why will you be thinking it? Your life. Your choice.