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To Know Yourself

How often do you consider how well you do or do not know yourself? How often do you consider why you do the things you do? How often do you consider how much control you exercise over your actions? How often do you consider who and what you truly are?

Most people spend very little time doing any of this. Sure, they will immediately exclaim that they know who they are just fine. …That they are what they are! But, a statement like this is
denial at best. How many people that you know are truly a person who holds any true sense of self-knowledge? Do you?

In times gone past, not that many years ago, there was a sense in evolving society that a person truly needed to take the time and peer into Self in order to not only become more internally aware but to become a better, more whole, person as well. As is always the case in human evolution, times and trends move forward. In some case, these movements are positive; in other cases they are somewhat less. As the twenty-first century has continued its progression, it seems that an enormous amount of the focus has continued to be shifted from the individual onto the, “Out There.” …Wherever and whomever that, “Out There,” may encompass. What has obviously been shifted away from is the individual delving deep into Self in order to emerge as more whole, complete, and actualized individual.

The fact is, “Out There,” is easier. “Out There holds are the promise of new experience, new relationships, and new excitement framed by whatever factor of causation. But, what, “Out There,” never possess, is Internal Wisdom. Sure, you can have fun, “Out There.” Sure, you can gain new experiences, “Out There.” But, what you can never acquire, “Out There,” is a true sense of your Internal Self or a true understand of who and what you truly are.

So, take a moment right now. Turn off your rambling mind. Start right where you find yourself. Who are you? What are you? Why are you? What made you who you are? Why do you do the things you do? What and who makes you do the things you do?

These are very easy question that will provide you with a deep insight into who and what you truly are. The problem is, very few people make these inquiries. Thus, they pass through their life with no sense of true internal understanding and simply behave in a reactive manner to whatever it is they are feeling or whatever other people do to make them feel a certain kind of way.

If you want to be a better person, if you hope to be a True Person, if you want to follow a higher path, you really need to come to understand who your truly are.

Take the time to make the inquiry. From this, you will not only gain deeper wisdom about yourself but the entire world, as well.