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The Superior Race

Recently, on the news, there has been a lot of stories about Asians being attacked by people of other races. The conclusion that many/most have reached is that this has been motivated due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 continuing into 2021 that pretty much turned everyone’s life upside down. But, is that true, is that the reality?

Throughout my life, I have heard a lot of talk about how one race of people considers themselves superior to another. I have long made the joke that if you want to see why the white race is superior all you have to do is watch the television series COPS. Of course, at least at this point in history, shows like COPS and Live PD have been removed from the airways due to all of the racial tension in air. And yes, watching those shows, for the most part, only illustrates people at the lowest rung of the ladder. But, in front of your eyes, you could see how many people, of all races, truly embrace the lowest level of human existence.

Personally, I find this condemnation of Asian races quite curious. For me, I grew up respecting and, in fact, putting some people of Asian decent on a pedestal. I mean, people of Asian descent trained me in the martial arts. This is the same with my schooling in the Eastern meditative disciplines. I, and many people of my clique, put an undo respect onto people of Asian origins simply because we believed they knew something that we did not.

As time in my life passed along, I certainly came to understand that simply because a person came from Asia that did not necessarily make them a good person. I have been cheated by a lot of people of Asian descent. This being said, I believe this critical focus going towards Asian has a much deeper root than simply COVID-19.

Sure, I’m pissed at China for allowing the creation of the virus and releasing that virus, whether knowingly or not, onto the world. I’m also pissed at them for what they did to Tibet, what they are doing to Hong Kong, and what they want to do to Taiwan. But, that is the Powers-That-Be that is not an individual person. The individual on the street cannot and should not be blamed for anything simply because of their race.

Interestingly, yesterday on the news, some young buck, thirty-something, white man attacked an elderly Asian-American woman in San Francisco. In the coverage, her face was bruised as he apparently went up to her and punched her in the face but he was the one being taken to the hospital as she was carrying a walking stick, fought back, and gave him a good beating. Good for her!

There has been many discussions, illustrations, news and cellphone footage depictions of Asians being attacked in the United States. But, who are they being attacked by and why? Whatever the race of the attacker, that person is simply looking for a reason to hate. And, this is one of the biggest problems in the world; some people look for a reason to hate and a person to take their own inner-disharmony out upon. If you are whole, complete, satisfied, and actualized within yourself, you never focus on the negative of anyone or anything. It is only those of small-mind, of unresolved identity issues, or a lack of true personal understanding that lashes out on anyone. They do this because it is easier for them to hurt someone else than to look within, finding their own flaws, and forging at path of expanding human and personal understanding that will actually make them a better, more compete, more whole and giving individual.

Look at the people who attack anyone in anyway, no matter what their race is, what is their motivation? It is to hurt someone outside of themselves. It is to judge someone simply for being whom and what they are. Who has that right? No one. Yet, this type of mindset flourishes all across all societies and it has been going on forever. Is it right? No. But, does, “What is right,” stop the attacker? No, it does not. Why? Because they are too locked within their own dissatisfaction with their own life. They want to blame someone else for their own lack of fulfillment. But, they are too unenlightened to be aware of this fact, so they lash out at whatever victim they can find. And, as can be seen, they generally go after the person that is older, weaker, or has no way to respond. Meaning, people that do this kind of stuff are cowards. And few get the beat down with the cane of an old woman as I previously discussed.

What can we learn from this? What can you learn from this? Answer: If you are focusing your judgment, your condemnation, or your anger outside of yourself all you are doing is illustrating to the world your limited perception of the rightness of human reality.

Each person is good and whole onto themselves. Yes, some people do bad things but that bad thing is not categorically defined by their race. In fact, just the opposite. Good people do good things. Bad people do bad things. Does a white or black person become better by coming up behind an elderly Asian individual and shoving them down and into the street as has been illustrated in news footage? No. That is a coward.

If you don’t like someone, ask yourself why? If you don’t like an entire race, simply because of their race, you really need to take a look at your inner foundational elements. All goodness, all rightness comes from a positive place within. Develop that within yourself. Never judge or hurt anyone. Be more than the people who are less. Don’t judge. Don’t hurt. Make this world a better place.