Scott Be Positive

The Books That Nobody Reads

A couple of months ago I was able to pick up a very rare hardcover copy of the spiritual classic, Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass. Certainly, for anyone who grew up in the era that I did, and was drawn to spirituality, this was one of the must-read texts. It really set a standard for an entire community.
The copy I found for sale on-line had spent much of its life in the library of a local community college here in the Los Angeles area. So, one would think, particularly back in the 1970s, that a lot of people would have checked out and read this library copy. What I found truly interesting, looking at the library card that they put in those library-based books, is that from 1973, when I guess it arrived at the library, until 1989 when, I guess, it moved away, only like ten people had checked it out. That’s crazy! A spiritual classic like this and no one cared enough to read it.
I think this fact is very revealing. I mean it tells a story on so many levels.
Even though this book lived its life in L.A., a place where most would consider to be a liberal, free-thinking, place to dwell, very few cared to find the information this book provides. Even at the college level, where many are considered to be searching, seeking, and trying to find meaning in their life; nada, very few people checked it out.
But, look around you, look into your own mind, how much spirituality do you find? Are you seeking a deeper meaning to life? If you are, great! Good for you! But, most are not.
There is no right or wrong in this equation, it’s just an illustration of life. A sad one, I believe. Not caring about spirituality means that, most likely, you do not possess a moral code. And, from this, this is where all of the problems of the world begin.
Now, I’m not being all judgey here or anything. I’m just stating a fact. How many people do you know, who are not spiritually based, that truly seek the betterment of all mankind? How many people who do not identify as being openly spiritual, do you know, that set about on a path of truly helping others? Few, I believe.
Since the dawn of the New Age, there have been those who have hated on Western-based, Eastern Spirituality. And, I get all that. But, if you step beyond judgement, good is good is good. It’s a simple as that. And, no matter how you get to good is unimportant in the grand scheme of life. Those who do good are good. They intentionally help the greater whole. Whatever gets them there, to do that good, I think is great. But, and as is illustrated by the few people who checked out this copy of the book, few people even care enough to learn how to try.
There is no big point I am trying to make here. This is simply an observation about the reality of reality. But, I will say, if you cannot care about the greater good of the all, the everybody, and the everything—if you do not have a personal pathway to help those in need and to hurt no one, what does that say about you? If all you think about is you, how, on any level, can that be seen as good, whole, helping, and caring?
So today, let’s
all of us do something good. Let’s get out there and remove any negativity we may encounter or we may have instigated. Whether you consider yourself walking the spiritual path or not, let’s get out there and do something good. Let’s get out there and help. Believe me, one small good deed can set a whole course of goodness in motion.