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The Out of Body Experience

In some circles of the vast plethora of advancing spirituality, there is a certain subset of practitioners that advocates achieving the out of body experience. But, what exactly is that: what does it mean, what does it prove, and what does it provide the zealot?

The out of body experience is achieved via various means. Certainly, for anyone who has ever taken hallucinogens, the out of body experience is quite common. The sensation and experience where your consciousness has become removed from your body and you can actually look down at your physical form and observe what you are doing is a common experience.

This sensation is not limited to a drug induced experience, however. Many people, when they are close to death, are said to have this experience. Though I have been close to death a couple of time in my life, I did not experience that but, as a young child, for better, for worse, or otherwise, I used to possess the ability to create that experience at will. But, what did it prove? What does that experience prove? From my assessment, nothing of true importance to the overall spiritual grow or evolvement of the individual.

There are some schools of spiritual thought that teach what has come to be called, Astral Projection. In brief, that is the ability to transport your consciousness to other places or ethereal realms in order to communicate with entities that exist in other worlds. The problem with this entire concept is that it is un-provable. At best, it is simply someone claiming that they can transcend the boundaries of this reality and move into another. But, where is the proof? Where is the documentation? Where is the standard of verification of this practice? It is simply them saying that they are doing something and/or communicating with some entity in some other undefined realm. It is not like two people speaking on a telephone. Therefore, there is no proof. And, just like all of those so-called psychics out there who practice certain techniques where they develop the ability to guide the patterns of thought and manipulate the minds of the people who wish to believe in order to make them trust in what they have to say in order to gain whatever it is they hope to gain: money, power, fame, or control, it is all an undefined illusion.

On the other side of the issue, the fact is, there are some people who are a little tilted. There are some who believe the lie they are telling themselves. Their mental perspective is a bit off and they allow their own mind to drift into the spectrum of false reality. Though they may believe what they are feeling, and even what they are saying to others in regards to their mental experiences, it must be noted, it is only their mental experience; not yours. Thus, as it is not the common experience, what they are claiming is only experienced in their own mind. Is that real? Is that true reality? Or, is that simply insanity?

When you look to the vast amount of literature that has been created over the years about transcending the body and mentally moving to some other realm, every technique is different. If this practice were true, wouldn’t there be one pathway? Wouldn’t that be the only method that was discussed? Moreover, if this out of body experience actually provided a solid benefit, wouldn’t it by now be proven to be a reality and wouldn’t it be taught as a ratified higher religious practice? But, it is not.

Throughout time, people, particularly those who walk on the so-called spiritual path, wish to exhibit their advanced knowledge and present themselves as possessing something someone else does not understand. The claimed ability to leave their body is an ideal example of this as it is so
un-provable. Thus, it simply becomes a means for the claimant to proclaim that they can do something that you cannot. Maybe these people even make a few bucks by lecturing or writing a book on the subject. Certainly, their ego is stroked. As for everyone else; the believers, they are left in awh of what that person claims that they can do. Maybe they even give them money to communicate with that abstract supposed something that lurks out there in the realms of the unknown. But, what does all of this equal? Nothing. It does not change reality. It does not change the truth of reality. It does not change the reality of reality. It simply becomes another mind game designed by one person to pretend to be something more than the other person and a reason for the gullible to believe.

The truth of life is, reality is reality. It is a simply as that. People live; people die, and people try to find something to fill their time in-between birth and death.

You can spend your time trying to transverse into some undefined realm if you want to but what does that actually give to your life? What will it do for the betterment of all human kind? You can believe in the claims made by the aberrant mystics if you want to, but how do you know what they are saying is true?

If you want to find a higher human consciousness, if you want to be the best vehicle for spirituality that you can be; BE it is a simply as that. BE as pure, BE as honest, BE as locked into true reality as you can BE. BE, for this reality is all we truly have. Everything else is simply a promised illusion.