Scott Be Positive

Things You Used to Own

Have you ever had one of those thoughts come to your mind where you remember something that you used to own and you wish that it was still in your possession? I think we probably all have encounter that feeling at some point.  …Unless, of course, you are some sort of a massive hoarder and you have never let go of anything. From this feeling, a couple of questions arise: why did you let it go in the first place and should you try to buy another?
The pursuit of possessions has always been looked down upon in virtually all spiritual traditions. So, if you are like me, having spent your life in those circles, you are constantly reminded that materialism is a bad thing. This being said, it becomes a very fine line between things that you want and things that you need. Then, and because of this, the question must be asked, should you try to replace that item?
For some, replacement is easy. Maybe that once owned item was a toy you really loved and you can find another one on some online buying website. Sure, maybe it will cost a few dollars, but it is not some untouchable fee. So, you can buy it. But, then what?

For others, like me, the things I once had and own no more, are items like vintage guitars, which have gone through the roof in price. Something I sold for a thousand dollars twenty-five years ago is now twenty, thirty, or even more times that original number, putting it out of my financial reach. It’s the same with some of the cars I owned, that I really loved, without a whole lot of disposable income I can never even come close to replacing that vehicle. Then what? What if you can’t afford to get it back?
Life is a constant pathway of doing things and having things done to you. It is what is left after the fact that comes to define the rest of your life. The truth is, we must all deal with the what comes next. …The what comes next after whatever it is that was done. What do you do?
Take a moment right now and think about that something you had, but you have no more, and you wish you owned again. If you do not possess this feeling, count yourself very lucky. If you can turn this feeling off, rationalize it out of your mind, good for you! But, if you can’t, think about it. What did you have that you wish you had again?
Once that thought is in your mind, break it down: why did you have to let it go? Was it stolen from you? Did it fall and break? Did you give it away? Did you sell it? If it was you who let it go, why did you let it go?
For many, possessions are stolen from our lives in the many ways that can occur. Sometimes, somebody wants something we own and because we care about that person, we give it away. In other cases, we need money or we need more space, so we sell it. Whatever the causation, why were you willing to let that item go, back then, and now why do you wish you had not? Really chart this out.
Now, take this to the next level… You had something that you have no more. What would happen, what would your life be like, if you had it again?  Really think this through… Why do you want it back? What would it mean to you? What would it mean to your future? And, what would it cost you and your life to get it back? What will be different in your life if you did have it again? And, is it worth the price you will have to pay?
Most people just DO in their life. They rarely truly think things through. The problem with living your life, defined by this mindset is, however, then, often times, what is done is desired to be undone. How about you? How about that thing(s) you once had and wish to possess again? What unthinking, unthought-out desire was in play that caused you to lose that item in the first place?
Okay… Now, what are you going to do with all of this? You had it. You want it back. Now what?
Here we reach the critical part of this dilemma. As discussed, most people just DO without thinking. Is that what you are doing right now in association with that re-wished for item? Or, is this a conscious decision made in an effort to regain that something lost in your life that will not only make your today a better place but also your tomorrow?
Many people, in their Life Time, play the same melodrama over and over and over again. They refuse to allow themselves to evolve. By looking to your past, is that what you are doing? By regaining what you had in your past, will that cause you to make the same mistakes that caused you to lose that re-desired item in the first place?
For each person, the answer to these questions is different. For each person, the life-response to their desires is different. But, if you do not very consciously chart out what you are doing as you desire to regain what was lost in your past, you may very well find yourself stuck in the same situation that created you to loss that something in the first place. Think about it.