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The Projection of What You Haven’t Got

It seems everybody sees the rich, the famous, and the accomplished as having the world by the tail. They view them as someone who has it all. For some, they view those people as an inspiration to work hard and climb their own ladder to success. For others, they despise them simply because of their success. But, what is the desire to be rich and successful motivated by and why are those who have achieved it both loved and hated?

First of all, everyone has their problems. No matter how rich, famous, or powerful a person becomes, they too have their own unique set of difficulties. They have their own obstacles. They have the things that upset them. They have the people that love them and they have the people that hurt them. For anyone who truly wishes to understand the reality of reality all they have to do is to sincerely peer into the life of a person who has risen to a high level of notoriety and they will quickly see that all things are not simply the way that a person from the outside projects them to be.

Here lies one of the key elements to understanding the cost of all forms of life. An individual in the public eye is projected to be A Something by A Someone Else. Whether what that other person sees them to be is true or false is almost irrelevant because that is the way that person perceives them to be, thus that is the definition they project to the world. But, is that projection a truth or it is simply a perception projected from a person who has no true understanding?

Think about your own life. Think about the people you have thought to be A Something. Whether this person was your teacher, your boss, a politician, a sports, music, or movie star… You saw them as A Something. Your described them, in your own mind and to other people, as A Something. But, were you right or were you simply placing your own definition onto them based on your own preconceived misunderstanding? Did you ever question this fact before you created your definition?

People think what they think about someone else based upon their own frame of cognizance. But, how many people truly understand and/or investigate this fact before they come to their conclusion? How many people look deeply into themselves and the description of their own personality and reality (and how it came to be) before they cast a definition onto that someone else?

As I often say, people are a very selfish breed. Though this is a fact of life, it does not change the reality of that fact. Some people are simply more vocal or physical in their appraisals of others but that does not make their assessment of another person the truth. Thus, is born conflict. Conflict never leads to anything good.

When we look to very selfish people, when we look to very opinionated people, when we look to very abusive people, when we look to people who are very oblivious to other people’s feelings, we see the same thing; these are people motivated by whatever it is that drives their brain. They think what they think, they say what they say, they do what they do, but all that they do is driven by some internal something—some internal something that no one else possesses. This is the birthplace of sociopathic behavior. A person who is solely focused on themselves and uses that trait to motivate their own selfish conduct that is damaging to the lives of others. But, think how many people behave like this all the time. They do what they do, they say what they say, defined only by their own internal stimuli. How about you? How often do you say or do things without taking the other person’s life or feelings in consideration? How often do you do what you do motivated only by what you think about that someone else?

This brings us back to the point of projection. …Your projection about that someone else and how that projection causes you to act and to speak…

Before you define anybody else's anything, think about this, do you personally know that other person? Do you
truly know that other person? If you do, then you may possess a certain understanding about their true inner motivations. If you do not know them deeply and personally, then you have no idea about what makes them do what they do, so how can you speak to their reality? If you do not personally know a person then you have absolutely no idea about who and what they truly are, so why should you be thinking about, speaking about, or acting based on what you think about them at all?

Life is a projected reality. It is your projected reality. You know you but how well do you know you? Have you ever truly travelled deeply into your mind and found out what motivates you to do the things you do? Have you ever truly explored penetratingly into your own psyche to find your hidden inner-reality and what caused you to be you? Very few people have. They all have a million excuses why not but without this exploration everyone just acts and defines others based upon nothing more that a undefined feeling that emanates from within them. But, if they don’t know the motivating factors for that projected reality, how can anything they say or do be based upon fact?

The sage is silent. The louder a person speaks, it illustrates the less they truly know. The more a person endeavors to project their own reality, in an attempt to make it the definition of someone else’s reality, the more clearly you can see that they are not a
true person living life from a true space of knowledge. For the person who truly knows themselves, and actually comprehends human reality, they appreciate that they can only truly know themselves and from this they do not need to define themselves by and/or to project their own insecurities onto someone else no matter how well known that other person may or may not be, because Self is only Self and you can only truly know Your Self when you lose your desire to define Your Self in regard to other people and you realize that by attempting to cast your definition onto others this reveals how little you actually know about the truth of your own Personal Reality.

Be you. Know you. Because you can never truly know anyone else.