Scott Be Positive

Hardly Living on Yesterday

What is new in your life right now? What is different in what you are doing today, compared to what you did yesterday? What new things have you learned? What new experiences have you undertaken?
In the life of most people, they lock themselves into a mindset of the same. They do what they do until they can do it no longer. Most, look to their past experiences for what they will do today. Many listen to music from yesterday and remember the doings that were done in the past. How about you? How much of your today is based on today and how much of your today is based on yesterday?
What did you do different this morning? Different, from what you did yesterday morning? What did you change? How did your life evolve?
As you lived through your yesterday, what changed from the day before that and the day before that and the day before that?
Your memories are based upon what you have done? How many new memories have you developed?
Most people look to the doings of others for guidance in what they, themselves, will do today. They study what others have done. Decide if they like it. And, if they do, that is what they do. If they don’t like what others have done, that is what they don’t do. But, in all of that mimicking they have chartered no new territory, uniquely defined as their own. All they are doing is following a path developed for them by the creative mind of someone else.
How about you? Where is your mind focused? Is it framed by what others have done? Or, is it a distinctive creation, created only by yourself?
Life is a pathway of exploration. How much exploring are you doing, verses how much are you doing in the doing of what you have done before?
Today is a new day, experience it as such. Don’t lock yourself into yesterday.