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I Guess I Should Have Been Given a Less Common Name

Back when I was in junior high school there was an African-American student who had the same name as me, Scott Shaw. We never had any classes together, but I always thought that was unique and curious, two people with the same name at the same school. Certainly, there is the great cartoonist with the name Scott Shaw! In the early days of Google they never even had him listed, only me. Back then, you could suggest things to Google and they would listen. I suggest that they split our names and give him a listing as he was so accomplished. They did. Now, Google is out of control, you can’t communicate with them at all and you barely see me and my stuff up there at all compared to his. There was even a time when they ran his photo as me. There is also the Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Scott Shaw. There was a Scott Shaw baseball player. They sell a lot of his baseball cards on eBay. There was also a professional football player named Scott Shaw a while back. There was a Scott Shaw who used to go to the same doctor as me. Sometimes they would send me his bill. That was annoying. There also used to be a Scott Shaw who owned a restaurant named, Scott Shaw's in the beach community where I lived in the '80s. Everyone used to ask me if that was my restaurant. No. And, I think there is some well-known minister named Scott Shaw, as well. Recently, I’ve been seeing that there was a sports medicine guy up at San Jose State University, named Scott Shaw, who has been accused of doing some dirty deeds to coeds. It pops up on Google if you do a Scott Shaw name search. Just for the record; that’s not me, nor the cartoonists, nor the photographer, nor the baseball player, nor the football player, nor the minister, nor my namesake from junior high.

Having been in the public eye for while, I have long witnessed the help of, “The Name.” If you have a really good or unique name it really helps in your branding. If you don’t; well… If you have a relatively common name like mine, forget about it.

I know that there has been times when people have written reviews about my movies, books, music, and stuff where they say I should be happy that the mention my name—that they are doing me some kind of a service as they are bashing me. Nope. Positivity is always positive just as negativity is always in negative.

In term of doing bad things to women, or anyone else for that matter; DON’T! I am so anti sexual violence against women that just the other night I was watching a movie on cable and they didn’t list that kind of thing was going to happen in the pre-movie, front end, like they now commonly do, and when I saw it I got completely freaked out and turned it off. In fact, I hate that level of hurtful negativity on any level. I hate all levels of hurtful negatively in movies, and in any place else, and I just don’t want to see it. Shutting down that movie the other night got me to thinking about writing a blog about it and the filmmakers who use that kind of story and imaging to draw the audience in, shock them, and cause their emotions to rise but I really hate to embellish that kind of thing on any level. It is just wrong! So, I don't think I will do that.

Anyway, just for the record, the San Jose guy isn't me. Don’t get me confused.