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The Things That No Longer Matter

For each of, as we pass through life, there comes to be things that define who and what we were. …Things that we remember fondly and things that hold a place in our heart.

For each person, these things are different. What one person may hold close to their heart another person may find to be quite ridiculous.

For some, these items are childhood toys. For others they may be a bicycle, a motorcycle, or a car. For me, it’s things like guitars, 4-Track reel-to-reels, 4-Track cassette decks, and cameras like the Sony VX2000, (the greatest indie production camera ever).

The thing is, technology changes so these items have fallen by the wayside, at least in terms of functionality. For some of these items, they have become quite collectable and their price is very high. In some cases, more than what they actually cost new. But, that does not provide them with the functionality they once held.

For some, who have lived a very stable lifestyle, they were allowed to keep the original items that they once owned throughout their life. That’s great! For others, like myself, who was moved around a lot as a kid and never really had a home, even to this day, things come and go. When they are gone, they are missed, and there is always a whole left where they once existed.

The thing about life is, time deteriorates. Nothing lasts forever. So, no matter how much you take care of an item, that item is not destiny to live throughout eternity. Though certainly, some items have more longevity than others.

So, what does this leave us with? What does this leave us with as we all hold the same feelings—the memory and the love for that something we once owned? It leaves us with the reality of life. It defines for us the realism of the experience of life. We have, we had, we want again. But, what we had then, we can never truly have now, because all we truly have is our experience in this moment, not that moment. And, though we hope and try to relive what we felt then, this now is not that then. It is now, it is who we are now; it is not what we were then.

So, though we all look back with fond memories to what we had then and how it made us feel—and though in some cases we can repurchase that once owned item, we have to chalk all of this up to the reality of reality. This moment is not that moment and if we are locked into a time gone past, we can never truly experience the perfection of what we are living now.