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That Was a Mistake

How many times have you done something and then you realized, “That was a mistake.” The thing is, the term, “Mistake,” is more commonly an excuse than a definition of what actually happened.
What is a mistake? It is an outcome that you do not or did not like. But, the only things that makes it a mistake is that something did not turn out the way you had hoped.
The fact is, a mistake is only a choice that has gone in a different direction than you desired. So, was that truly a mistake? No, it was simply a choice.
You really need to realize that there no mistakes, only choices you made that do not turn out the way you wanted.  
All life is based upon the choices you make. The choice(s) you make today lead to the choice(s) you have tomorrow. Each choice leads to your next set of choices.
Yes, you may not like the outcome of the choice(s) you make. But, don’t hide behind the fact that you made that choice by calling it a mistake. You chose to do something. Own the responsibility in that choice.
Own your choices and you will come to a much clear truth about who and what you truly are.