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The Randomness of Action

Throughout history, people have looked for a pattern in movement. They have sought to find the pattern of life in order that they could study and then possibly come to understand the, “Why,” of its existence. Many philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, and even alchemists have hoped to define its true pattern and pathway.

In life, yes there is a consistency of movement in one sense. Look at a freeway. There are millions of cars going in one direction, on one side, and a million cars going in one direction on the other. Look at a train. Locked onto a track, it progress in a very defined direction. But, does that provide us with any clue to the true pattern of movement in life? No, not really. Those are man (or woman) made constructs. Think about it, they deteriorate all the time. They must be fixed. Thus, when they are being fixed, the flow of movement is stopped.

If you look to natural life, people create patterns of movement. When a lot of people walk in one direction, they form a trail. When a lot of people are taught to believe the same thing, they form a religion. When a lot of people are schooled in a specific science, they all believe and then teach they same thing. But, is that a true pattern? Or, is that simply something just like the train on its tracks or a freeway; something constructed simply as a means for someone to tell someone else where and how they should go?

In terms of the fighting arts; as time has moved along in this modern era, more-and-more people have become exposed to formalized methods of self-defense. The student is taught to do this if their opponent does that. This style of training is very stagnate, however. Simply look to the wildness of a street fight; fists and feet are flying everywhere. This is why so many long trained martial artists lose in a street fight; because they are not trained in how to expect the unexpected when all it takes is that one wild strike connecting to a debilitating location and the fight is over.

The point being, though people have looked for a pattern of movement in life, since the moment that human consciousness began to expand, the reality is, though there occasionally may be a consistency of movement, all true action is uncharitable as it is defined differently in the mind of each individual. Even if a group of people follow a similar pathway and believe a specific dogma, they each interpret that doctrine defined by their own set of life attitudes. Thus, as each person is different, there can never be one assured pathway of action.

All life is as random as the person who is standing next to you. You can hope, you can believe you will know what they will do; you can study their specific patterns of behavior, but you can never truly know what they may or may not do next.

This is just one example. People have been looking to find the meaning of life throughout the millennia. They have hoped. They have charted. Some have even believed that they found the truth of the pattern of human and nature’s movement. But, then the next unexpected storm arrives, the next rogue wave strikes the shoreline, the person sitting next to them does something completely unexpected, and then it is proven there is no way to know what will come next in life.

Embrace the unexpected. This is the best way to truly experience the glory of life.