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Apology Not Accepted

When was the last time you apologized to someone? Truly, when was the last time you realized you did something wrong and cared enough to own your responsibility in the situation and apologize?
The fact is, most people rarely, if ever, apologize. If they do something wrong, that hurts or damages somebody’s something, they either don’t care, lie about their responsibility in the doing, or take pride in their power to get over on someone. Wrong! But, that’s the way it is. Think about it…
So again, when was the last time you apologized to someone?
Even more important, when was the last time that you did not apologize to someone when you should have?
By tracking these two elements of your life, you can truly learn a lot about yourself. By doing this, it can also cause you to bring about a change in your life, if you even possess the mindset to care enough about the humanity of the all and the everything and hope to make this Life Place any better.
I was in this coffee house I sometimes go to yesterday morning. I had ordered up a couple of lattes and croissants for my lady and myself and walked over to the side of the counter where you pick those things up. There were these two older white ladies, (British, I believe), who ordered just after me. The one, pushed right past me and stands right there, front and center, to the window where the orders are put out. A latte comes up, she grabs it without even thinking. The next one comes up, she grabs it, and is handing it to her friend, who first looks at it, then looks at me, “I didn’t order this. Is this yours?” My response, “Yes, as was that one (pointing to the latte held by her friend). I was here first.” “I know… I know…” Exclaims the lady.  The other lady looks at me and realizes her folly. She tries to pass me the second drink that she is holding and has been breathing on.
“I’m not going to take that,” I tell the barista. “You need to remake my drinks.” I mean, we are still locked in the age of COVID-19 and who knows who is infected with what?  
The barista gives my second latte to the lady’s friend. She just got a free drink!  And, they walk outside to enjoy their lattes, ahead of the person who was in line in front of them, and had ordered before both of them.
Now, of course, this is a really small innocent. But, it does illustrate how some people are so focused on themselves that they do not ever consider that there are other people in the world. From this, damage is created. And, what people like this do may affect the life of other people in a very negative manner.
Think about this… Contemplate, the last time that you apologized to someone… Why did you apologize? Was it because you truly cared that you had done something wrong and had hurt someone or was it because it was some sort or requirement? Or, was it to protect you from some oncoming reprisal? Even more important, did you apologize so that you could get something in return for your apology?
As I was leaving the coffee house, that lady was once again up there at the counter, front and center, having pushed her way past several other people who were waiting for their drinks. She grabbed another latte and was walking towards the door. Was it hers?
Me, I was standing by the doorway, waiting for my lady, and as that lady, latte in hand, passes me, she said, “Sorry, I didn’t know that was your drink.” But, what does that mean? It means nothing! All you are saying is that you didn’t care enough to take into consideration that anyone else exists in this Life Space.  She made that statement, standing way too close to me. I need my Personal Space, okay! Plus, she did it with those bedroom eyes. …Like she would even have a chance… Please!
Anyway, apology not accepted.
If you care enough about caring about the someone else, these type of small things would never happen. You would never be the CREATOR of such incidents. But, more to the point, most people don’t care. They are so lost into the space of selfish thought that if they do something wrong to someone, do they apologize or do they double down?
How do you behave? When do you apologize? Who do you apologize to and why? If you’ve hurt someone, even in the smallest of way, don’t you owe them an apology? And, if you don’t apologize, then nothing is ever fixed and the hurt you enacted will remain an active element in your life forever.