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Being Positive or Being Silent

Obviously, being positive is what I’m all about. It’s my motto, “Be Positive.”

Be Positive is in someways a double entendre. One: Be Positive: Be a positive person who says and does positive things. Two: Be Positive: Make sure that what you believe and what you are speaking, based upon what you believe, is factually correct.

Think about it… How few people base their lives upon this perspective. My guess is, very few.

I believe if we look around at life, very few people base their life upon being positive. Everything they do is emotion, belief, and desire based. Just look around at the events of the world over the past couple of years; it’s nuts! You don’t have to look too far to see major upheaval. Is any of that based in positivity?

Look around your own life and your own life surroundings—even at the local level, so much is going on. Again, it’s nuts! How much of what you personally encounter is based upon positivity?

Let’s take a look at all of this from a personal perspective. How much of what you do is based upon positivity? What percentage of your actions are based upon achieving a positive result?

Many people confuse what they believe or what they want as a pathway to positivity. But, is it? Isn’t that just an individual’s desires being broadcast outwards to the world?

This is where many/most of the problems of the world begin: an individual wanting something, an individual doing something that they want to do, an individual believing something and then basing their actions upon that belief. But is any of that true positivity? Is something positive simply because (maybe) you have gotten what you wanted?

If you look to your own life, what in it is positive? Truly take a moment and chart out those things. What is positive in your life and why is it positive? What got you to that positivity? Were the actions you took that got you there all positive or was there some negativity involved. Be honest with yourself. If there was any negativity involved, then ask yourself, how can you base positivity upon negativity? Can you?

Now, flip this around. What is negative in your life? What caused that negativity? How were you personally involved in creating that negativity? What have you done to countermand, correct, or undo that negativity? And, if you have unleashed negativity onto the life of someone/anyone else, do you even care? If you do, what have you done to correct what you have instigated? Ultimately, positivity or negativity begins with you.

These are all things that most people never even think about. They just do what they do, want what they want, feel what they feel, believe what they believe, and don’t care about the process as long as they get what they want whenever they are wanting it. How about you? Do you care about what your wanting, equally your doing, does to your life, to the life other people, and to this life-space on the whole?

As we all base our life understandings upon what we have lived, I too base my life understandings upon those things. When I look out to the world, I see that a lot of people have been very kind to me. I get positive messages from positive people all the time. Some ask me questions, some want to hang out, some ask me to give a talk, teach a class, or do a seminar, some just want to wish me well. Great! Thank you! Keep the positivity spreading!

On the flip side of this, due to the fact that at least a small portion of my life has been lived in the public eye, I have also received random acts of negativity. There have been mean and hurtful comments made about me, false speculations and ideas put out there, and unfounded criticisms unleashed. There have even been a few lies that have been told about me. I’m sure you have experienced things like that in your life, as well. So, you know the feeling.

Thankfully, I’ve encounter only a small amount of those life-things but some of them are still out there to this day. When I have received those attacks, what I have witnessed is how few people, who have extended positivity in my direction, say or do anything. They just let it stand. They’re silent. On the other hand, when I have been forced to stand up for myself, then I get hit with a ton of negativity. This, for me standing up for my rights and/or the truth. Interesting…

We all can understand how negativity is a much more powerful emotion than positivity as it drives one’s adrenaline. But, that does not make it a good thing. Negativity is never positivity. It is never a good thing.

What I find is that so many truly positive people are very quiet in their positivity. They may embrace positivity. They may live a positive lifestyle. They may emulate positivity. But, they are silent in their spreading of that positivity. Though understandable, there is a problem in all of this.

How much time do you spend being silent—not being involved? Yes, in your moment you may like someone or something, you may think positive thoughts about them, you may say positive things about them in the company of your friends, but how often do you reach out to that person or that thing with a gesture of positivity? How much positive aid do you provide for that person you have never met or that thing you have never personally experienced when you witness some negativity being guided in their direction?

Silence is easy. Silence is safe. Silence keeps you from confrontation. But, silence never sets anything right.

I do not endorse or encourage attacking anyone or anything on any level. In fact, I’m totally against it. But, if you people who do base your life upon positivity do nothing to countermand negativity; who and what wins? If you do not add positivity to the equation of negativity, who and what wins? As you have done nothing to countermand negativity, negativity reins supreme.

Again, look around the world… How much of what is taking place, on the personal or the global level, is based in positivity and how much of it based upon negativity?

What I’m saying here is, first of all, base your life upon positivity. As we all understand, positivity is just better. But, more than that, don’t become a part of the negative express. If you see or hear someone saying or doing something negative; meet that action with you saying or doing something based in positivity. Meet criticism with praise. Meet anger with peace. Meet negativity with positivity.

It’s you who can make a difference in this world. It’s you who can cause an entire shift in the conversation by presenting positivity whenever anyone is locked into the negative. Choose to be proactive in your positivity. Believe me, everything will become better.

Be Positive and Smile.