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The Gift of Silent Giving

Have you ever done something for someone and they didn’t know you did it?
Have you ever done something for someone and you didn’t tell them you did it?
I believe in most cases in life, when you do something for someone, they are aware of the fact that you did it. If you don’t it for them directly, face-to-face, they are highly knowledgeable about the fact of your involvement in what you have done. If they were not aware of that fact, in most cases, people tell them. “Oh, by the way, do you know what I did for you?”
I guess that’s just kind of the reality of life. People do and they want the acknowledgement for what they did.
But, have you ever just done something behind the scenes and never proclaimed your doing? Have you ever done something for someone/anyone and you didn’t take credit for your doing? If you have, how did that make you feel? Was it just a simple and free act of doing, with no strings attached? Or, afterwards, after your doing, was there something eating you up inside, wanting to scream out, “I did that, for you!”
How you react to your doing in life really can reveal a lot about who you truly are. If you can just give, if you can just do, and take no credit for your actions, isn’t that a truly high state of being? If, on the other hand, you must be acknowledged for you doing, doesn’t that mean that you are not doing what you are doing from a pure space of consciousness. But instead, are operating from a space of desiring a reward?
Let’s turn this around just a little bit… Have you ever asked someone for help—asked someone to do something for you, and then they expected some reward after they did what they did? Maybe a little farther down the line of your life they exclaimed, “Yeah, but you remember, I did that for you?” …Wanting you to do something for them. Maybe wanting you to do something you don’t want to do. Then what? Who owes what and why?
Take a moment right now and think to a time when you did something for someone. Why did you do it? Most likely, it was because you cared about that individual and/or maybe they asked you for help. Either way, that’s all fine and good. That’ just the way life is. You did it, they know you did it.
Now, think about a time when you did something and that someone else did not know what you did it. Was there ever a time like that in your life?
If you did do something, and that someone else did not know it, why did you do it? Was it simply to help? Was it simply to give? Was it simply because you cared about that person, maybe even from a distance?  
The fact of the fact is, helping makes life better. Doing good things makes life better. Doing, without expect acknowledgement for your doing, makes all of life karma free.
If you can do, and not expect reward, just think how free the all and the everything of life become.
Here’s an exercise that maybe you may want to try today. Go do something for someone. Make it something positive and good. It doesn’t have to be big. All it has to be is you doing something for one or more people. Do it, but tell no one you did it. Do it, but expect nothing in return. Do it, and watch the expanding consequences. You never know, maybe you will make that person or those people’s life a whole lot better. Isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t that the best way to give?