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Desired Destiny Unlived

Once upon a time, in the long ago and the far far away, I meet this very cute waitress at this restaurant I used to frequent all the time. Had situations been different, I believe there is a good chance that we probably would have hooked up. In any case, she had moved down to L.A. with her new husband in order that he could become the filmmaker he desired to be. Each time I would see her she would complain that he was sitting at home and doing nothing—not doing anything to pursue his dream. At one point she asked me to have a talk with him, which I did. But, I get it… Nobody wants to hear some other dude telling him what he should or could be doing. Thus, they moved back to Sacramento where she told me she was going to leave him as soon as he was resettled near his family because the guy was just not the man who she thought he would be or who he promised he would become.

Once upon a time, in the long ago and the far far away, I was teaching a class on filmmaking at U.C.L.A. One of my students was this cute young woman who turned out to be the cousin of a filmmaker I knew who had turned out a couple of successful projects on his daddy’s dime. We became friends and one day she showed up to class with this new Sony camera. It was actually the top of the line prosumer camera at the time. She wanted to be a cinematographer. I was about to go up on a new film so I asked her if she wanted to shoot it for me. I thought this would give her a great opportunity to get her hands dirty and see what indie filmmaking was all about. The night before the shoot she called me and asked if we could meet. Sure! I thought she wanted to go over some of the shots, the lighting, or something like that. We met at a Starbucks. She pulls out her camera and asks, “How do I focus it?” OMG! She had purchased this top of the line camera, had never used it, and didn’t even know how to focus it. I had to cancel that weekend’s shoot.

Desire is an interesting thing. We all have desires. There is something that we all want to be. There are things that we all want to do. The problem is, a desire does not guarantee that a person has the potential or the personal motivation to actually get that desire actualized. They may not have what it takes to, “Get ‘er done…” Sure, sure, there are tons of people out there who have a desire and strive to actualize it. Though they try and try what they do turns into nothing. But, they can take pride in that. They tried! Others are not like, however. They have a desire. Maybe they even have the money behind them to make that desire a reality but they never have the internal motivation or dedication to bring that desire into reality.

How about you? Where do you exist in the spectrum of your desires? Do you try to make them a reality on a daily basis? Do you really try? Or, do you just move to L.A. with the hopes that your dreams will somehow find you? Do you just buy the best camera on the market and never learn how to focus it?

I lost track of those two people. Sad, because I liked both of them. The waitress girl moved her husband back to Sacramento. What happened to her next I do not know? My student, I gave her an A but then I give all my students an A. That’s just the kind of instructor I am. After the class I never heard from her again. I wonder if she ever learned how to focus her camera?