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On the Basis of Arrogance

I believe if we look around ourselves we can view arrogance and self-entitlement all the time. This is not the say that most people follow this pattern of behavior but, this being the case, you don’t have to look too far until you will encounter it.

There are the very blatant forms of arrogance. Those people who just project and perhaps even tell you that they are better than you. Then, there is the more sublet forms of arrogance: people using titles in front of their name, people boasting, people telling others how much they known compared to how little other people know, people who let you know that they are rich and you are not so, “Look out,” people who are big or muscular or tough looking and let you know that they can easily kick your ass, and the list goes on.

Anyway, what brought me to all of this was today a curious incident occurred. I was driving to the post office. I was in the left turn lane, my arrow came on, and I began to make my turn. This guy, waiting for the light to turn his direction, just lays into his horn on me. First, I thought maybe he didn’t realize he had a red light or something like that but that was not the case as his car didn’t move. He just sat there honking at me with a scowl on his face and wording something??? Why? I have no idea.

The guy was probably in his eighties. He was driving a newish convertible Aston Martin. My first though was, “You’re a bit old to be having a midlife crisis,” but, whatever… I just let those acts of arrogance go. Why allow them to control my life-space?

I drive a bit farther and as I am attempting to turn into the post office’s parking lot this elderly lady, going the wrong direction, cuts me off. I actually had to back up into the street so she could continue on her pathway which she refused to give up even though she was going in the wrong direction. She too was a driving an expensive car; a newish Mercedes.

Now, the guy, due to what he was driving, was probably a one-time or maybe a current high-end lawyer or doctor or something. He grew to be arrogant due to his life-position. The woman was probably the wife of someone who held high-stature so she too got bask in and embrace the pathway of arrogance. But, is arrogance ever a good thing? No, it is not. No matter how you get to that state, it is never a productive attitude. It hurts the life of others and it hurt the definition of you.

After all that, I drove to Trader Joe’s on my way home to pick up a couple of salads and a baguette for a dinner and a few bottles of wine. As I always do, I bagged my own groceries. Cashiers have a hard enough life, and just like for everyone else, you need to make their journey just a little bit easier wherever you can.

Today, like always, the girl was so surprised when I started to bag my own groceries. They always thank me. But, they shouldn’t have to. It should just be the way things are. People should do whenever they can do. They should try to make everyone’s everything just a little bit easier. Why should that cashier have to bag my groceries while I stand there watching her when I have two hands and can do it just fine? Why should anyone sit back in a position of arrogance expecting things to be done for them?

In closing, never be arrogant. Yes, yes, I understand that arrogance is based, at least in part, upon a feeling of insecurity. If you are an insecure person and you allow it to project via a state of arrogance, stop it! Get yourself together! Get you mind together! Instead of trying to prove you are better than someone/anyone, get out there, eat your ego, and do good things for everyone. That has the potential to make everything better. Arrogance has the potential to make nothing better.

Here’s an important thing to keep in mind, however, you can’t fight arrogance because the only way you can prove you are better than that arrogant person is to be more arrogant than they are. Which is just the road to disaster. But, you can understand who and what that person is basing their reality upon, maybe even nudge them into following a more positive, helpful path. But, never go to battle with them because all that does is to allow them to embrace their arrogance even more. And, by doing so, (if you do so), you have allowed their arrogance to come to dominate your life. Do you want that? Do you want an arrogant person to be in control of you? Probably not.

Follow a life path of helpful humble goodness and meet arrogance with a smile.