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Too Much God!

I was walking into my post office yesterday. Amazingly, there were no other customers in line. The moment I walk through the door, I hear this one counter person exclaiming, “Too much god! They have too much god!”
That, in and of itself, was fairly interesting. That statement and me walking into who knows what kind of a conversation she was having with the other ladies on duty was curious. I walk up to the counter, questioning, “Too much god?” …With a big smile on face.
I know all of these nice ladies, so it was an interesting situation.
But, just think about that statement, “Too much god,” what does that mean?
The lady who was making the exclamation, originally from Somalia, was the one who offered to go and get the book, a Published in Japan, First Edition by D.T. Suzuki, I had purchased on eBay and that was delivered but was too big to fit into my P.O. Box. The other two ladies, both African-American, sat there discussing her statement with a sense of bewilderment. As it turns out, they weren’t quite sure what she meant either.
This is one of those interesting life situations, where you are hit with a word, a statement, or an idea out of left field, and you are set to questioning. I mean, there is all kinds of way you can read that statement. But, can there be, “Too much god?”  
Whatever your beliefs in and/or about god, that is your personal thing. But, we all have an idealize image of what, “God,” means. What does god mean to you? Do you ever question, analyze, or study what god is to you? If you don’t, don’t you think you should? Mostly, can there be, “Too much god?”
In any case, she brought my book. I thanked her. And, she said to her coworkers that she was referring to people and how they worship money. If they have a lot of it, they have too much god.
Wow, what a letdown. When I walked into that conversation, I thought there was something much deeper than that going on.