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Grab Your Moment

When your life is going on all fine, and all is good, what do you have to complain about?  You are happy, healthy, holy, getting what you want, and all is good with the world. Then, everything is great.
Life is not always like that, however. Sometimes we are confronted with problems. These problems could and can be based in any number of things. Maybe we are forced to deal with someone we do not like, maybe we are forced to doing something we do not want to do, maybe… Whatever the cause and the case, there is that thing that is making you not happy.
Okay… What are you going to do with that?
You can sit around and be miserable. …Let that whatever dominate your entire existence. Or, you can seek that healing, that curing distraction, if even for a moment.
As an example, right now, take a look around your life. Your externally and internally. What is there in your sphere of being that makes you feel okay. There is no one right answer to this question. Each person is different. But, for each of us there is that something. Maybe you need to look outside or go outside and see or do that something. Maybe it is inside. Maybe it is playing an instrument, reading a book you really like, listening to some music you love, watching a movie that you enjoy, looking at a photo or photos, petting your furry friend, gardening, jogging, riding your bike, whatever…  The thing is, if you do that something, if even for a moment, it will make you feel better.
It's important for you, in your life, to now those triggers. To be able to turn to them when you need them.
The negative stuff in life can overtake you. It can become all-consuming and come define an entire period of your life or your life as a whole if you let them. But, you do not have to allow that to happen.
Know what makes you feel good. When you feel life coming at you, you need to flip that switch. Make the negative positive. Change the direction of the flow. Grab your moment.