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No Ultimate Outcome

I know people who have lived a very spiritual lifestyle for over the past fifty years. They entered the Eastern tradition of spirituality and never left. In some cases these people follow the monastic path and they are still living it today. Some have taught the various aspects of yoga and meditation for all of these years. Most refrained from the pursuit of ego and simply lived a very humble existence. Though I am sure they made their friends along the way and they may have helped some people, how did what they offered, what they lived, change anything? Though they lived a tried and true life, there was no ultimate outcome to all that they did.

Like I have long believed, and have stated many times in many places, the most contributive martial artists I have known were those teachers who ran a small school, did not care about rank or prestige, never claimed, "My Kung Fu is better than your Kung Fu," and simply taught their students their understandings of these ancient systems of self-defense. What they taught their students is something that will stay with that person throughout a lifetime. This is why I always suggest, to the all and the everyone, that they study the martial arts, at least for a time, because it truly will give you something that will accompany you throughout your life.

With that example, we have have someone who does have an ultimate outcome. With the previous example, we find someone who is seemingly walking an ideal path in life but not actually contributing a lot to the overall evolution of anyone or anything. What does this tell us? Do you ever contemplate how what one person does or does not do will affect the all and the everything?

Perhaps the better question is, what will what you are doing with your life ultimately equal? What will be the ultimate outcome of your life contribution?

Most people fall into a pattern of doing. They live through their childhood, they go to school, then they get a job. Maybe they get married. Maybe they have a family. They live through the various trials and the tribulations that we all encounter. But, at the end of their days what was their ultimate outcome?

Most people do not seem to posses the desire or the focus to look at the bigger picture as they pass through their life. They only live their moment. And, though living in the moment has been taught to be a supreme state of consciousness; is it? Or, is it simply an excuse—a way to make your time pass without looking too deeply into what is actually going on with your life?

So, ask yourself this question, what will be the ultimate outcome of your life if you stay on the path that you are walking? There’s no right or wrong answer, there is just you being/becoming honest with yourself.

Take the time to truly ponder this question. It may cause you to take a long hard look at your existence and possibly change your pathway, if necessary.