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The Basis of Your Basis

One of the most unique things about life is that each person perceives everything via their own distinctive method. What one person may like another person may hate. For example, one person reads a book and finds all kinds of inspiration in the words. Another person reads the same book and is driven to criticism of the words and maybe even the author. Were the words written upon the page any different? No. It was simply one person’s perception of what was written on the page.

What this tells us is that everyone operates from his or her own basis of understanding and interpretation of reality. Though we all live in what is understood to be the same reality, each person decodes that reality in his or her own way.

Many people attempt to proclaim that their understanding of everything or anything is more precise that that of anyone/everyone else. These are the people who find their way to the pulpit and present their understandings to the world. But, is their understanding any more precise than yours or is it simply that due their psychological makeup they simply possess the self-centered mindset and the psychological tools to believe that they know more than someone else?

If we look to societies throughout history we see that entire civilization have been based upon religion. This is true, in some cases, even until today. Look to the fundamentalist sects of Christianity and Islam, they place the man in a very dominate role above women. Why is this? Power and control. Look to the cast system that was once strictly employed, and today to a somewhat lessor level, of Hinduism. What was that based upon? Dominance and control.

Some people want to tell other people how they should act and behave. Others are willing to accept this dominance. Why? Because then responsibility is removed. They cannot be held responsible.

This mindset goes to all levels of life. Most people do not want to be at the helm. Most people do not want to be the one who is responsible. Most people wish to be told what to do. This is why churches, temples, and mosques are filled throughout the globe on a daily basis. This is why self-help gurus have so many followers.

In this modern era, many people will deny this fact. But, take a moment and look to your own life. Who are you? What are you? Are you the leader who tells everyone else what you think they should do or are you a follower, listening and responding to your minister, your boss, or someone who pretends to have all of the answers?

If you are a leader, what makes you think that you have any knowledge to give? If you are a follower, why are you willing to listen to the words and follow the suggestions of anyone else?

Take a moment a work this out in your brain.

Everyone has a basis for his or her basis. This fact is based in all kinds of things. This fact leads to all kinds of actions and inactions. But, the one thing that it unquestionably does is to set the stage for a person’s life.

Some people are born into this world with a very strong-willed, ego-filled nature. Others are born more passive. Some people are forced to learn how to be a dominant individual. Some are beaten into submission. Whatever the case, each person passes through their life defined by the basis of their basis. Most, however, never question their basis; they never contemplate why they do what they do, why they like what they like, and why they hate what they hate. They simply exist in a state of belief-filled oblivion. But, is that how any life should truly be lived?

Take a moment, define who you are. Look to what you have done and why you have done it. Look to what you do and why you do it. Scan the years of your life.

What are you going to do next? Why are you going to do what you do next? Are you going to broadcast your supposed knowledge to anyone who will listen? Are you going to express your dominance over anyone who will cower? Or, are you simply going to retreat into a state of passive submission, listening to others, being guided by others, and being told what you should or should not believe?

Your life, you basis of basis, your choice.